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Weird Holidays in South Africa 2019

Weird Holidays in South Africa 2019

2019 Weird Holidays:


10 - Houseplant Appreciation Day
Houseplant Appreciation Day was created by The Gardener’s Network to remind people of the benefits of houseplants. Houseplants are a great way to bring a little bit of life into your home, which in turn will being a little more happiness into your heart! NetFlorist has a great range of houseplants, from succulents for the novice plant parents, to orchids for the experts!

14 - Dress Up Your Pet Day
Pets deserve to look paw-some too! This holiday was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviourist, Colleen Paige. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a moment to check that your pet’s collar is still looking stylish (and is safe and comfortable), and get your furry friend a bandana or jacket to help them show off their style!

17 - Ditch Your Resolution Day
Struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution? There’s a day for that! You’ve worked hard for the first 17 days of January, so why not take a break for a day?

19 - International Flower Day
International Flower Day is an occasion NetFlorist is especially fond of! It’s a day about spreading happiness to others by means of a simple flower! Send a loved one a bouquet of beautiful flowers, or an amazing floral arrangement just to make them smile! Flowers really do make people happy, trust us, we’ve watched the recipients of floral gifts smile for 20 years!

21 - Hugging Day
This holiday was created to remind people to hug their friends and family more often! Give your loved ones an extra hug today! If your loved ones are too far away to hug, don’t worry, we’ve got amazing gifts to help them feel just as loved!

24 - National Compliment Day
Just be nice, and compliment someone! Kind words go a long way to making others feel happy and loved! On National Compliment Day, be sure to compliment all the people you interact with, tell your coworkers you appreciate their hard work, tell your partner you love their sense of humour, and tell the cashier that you think their happy, smiling personality is just great! Why not go the extra mile and have your compliment printed onto one of our personalised gifts?

26 - Spouse's Day
Spouse's Day is a day to celebrate your better half. Make your spouse feel loved by giving them breakfast in bed, writing a letter telling them how grateful you are for all they do, or send them a gift from our love and romance range!

27 - Chocolate Cake Day
This holiday is a great day to enjoy a slice of incredible chocolate cake! Bake your own cake, head to your favourite restaurant, or order an exquisite chocolate cake from the NetFlorist bakery!


3 - Feed the Birds Day
This special day is to remember the health and survival of the wild backyard birds that we love. Take this opportunity to feed your little visitors and you will quickly find how fun birdwatching can be.

If you haven’t made a habit of feeding your backyard friends, don’t despair, NetFlorist has the perfect bird feeder options for you to choose from. These bird feeders contain seeds which are the best food for birds, as they are a high energy food source.

So, make this feed the birds day awesome with a stunning bird feeder from NetFlorist!

4 - Stuffed Mushroom Day
The idea of stuffed mushrooms has been around since the early 20th century. Mushrooms can be seen as a delicacy and are often filled with breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. 4 February is Stuffed Mushroom Day. It is a day when you and your loved ones can indulge in a delicious treat that all would enjoy.

At NetFlorist, there are a number of spoils that would make this Stuffed Mushroom Day spectacular! View the range of kitchen utensils which will help in the preparation of your mushroom dishes. You can also pair your delicacy with a bottle of wine to make an occasion of the day!

7 - Send a Card to a Friend Day
When is Send a Card to a Friend Day? It is on 7 February this year. It is the day that we can let the special people around us know that we are thinking of them and that they are missed. Our friends fill our lives with joy and laughter and they deserve to be loved and appreciated for all that they do for us.

With NetFlorist, why not send a card and a gift to your friend? There is a wide range of edible arrangements, alcohol gifts and bath and body essentials that they will absolutely love! What’s even better is that each gift comes with a special card for you to write a sentimental message to your friend, in keeping with the spirit of this day! Let them know that you are thinking of them on this special day with NetFlorist!

11 - Make A Friend Day
11 February is Make a Friend Day, a fantastic opportunity to go out and meet new people and make a friend. Friendships play a vital role in our lives, and they add value to each one of us. Making new friends can be a fun and exciting process, getting to know a new and different person widens our horizon and broadens our views on life. New friends encourage us to try new things and set out of our comfort zones.
So this Make a Friend Day, take the opportunity to bond with a new person, and once they have become an intricate part of our lives, we can take the opportunity to spoil them and make them feel special with awesome gifts from NetFlorist!

17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day
Random Acts of Kindness Day is on 17 February, and is a day that has taken the world by storm! It is a day when individuals, groups and organisations embark on a journey to brighten another’s day with a random act of kindness. This is a wonderful day for you to make someone smile, the best way to do so is by spoiling them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or fabulous gifts from NetFlorist! Your act of kindness could turn their whole day around and make them feel loved and appreciated.

18 - Drink Wine Day
Drink Wine Day is celebrated on 18 February. This day is dedicated to raising awareness of the health benefits of wine, as well as spreading the love of it. Wine has played an important role in history, religion and relationships over the years and on this day, we drink wine and remember all the benefits that it has to offer. At NetFlorist, there is a wide range of wines and sparkling wines to choose from to make your Drink Wine Day as fulfilling as can be.

20 - Love Your Pet Day
Loving your pet is such a special act that is has its own day! Love your Pet Day is on 20 February, so take this opportunity to love your fur baby even more! No matter what type of pet you have, this is the day when you can spoil them and show them how much they mean to you for sharing your home with you and for the joy they bring to your life. They are family, and they deserve all the love. NetFlorist has an online pet store for you to conveniently gift for your furry friend with something that they will love!

22 - World Yoga Day
World Yoga Day which is celebrated on 22 February, is the day on which you can embrace yoga and all its health benefits. Yoga has various health beneifts such as improved balance and posture, increase your blood flow, regulates blood pressure, flexibility, builds muscle strength, and many, many more. Celebrate World Yoga Day with NetFlorist by spoiling yourself or a loved one with a fabulous yoga mat to commemorate this day!

23 - Open That Bottle Night
This special day is used to celebrate cherished bottles of wine, champagne and spirits. Open That Bottle Night is observed on 23 February. This is the night to open that special bottle that you’ve been saving for a memorable occasion. This night is used to encourage living in the moment and not waiting for the perfect moment to enjoy the finer things in life. At NetFlorist there is a wide variety of alcohol to help make Open That Bottle Night amazing!

26 - Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Most children grow up on fairy tales and story books. Fairy tales are vital to help develop a child’s imagination. On Tell a Fairy Tale Day, which is on 26 February, take the opportunity to tell a fairy tale to a special little one in your life. If you don’t have children, that’s okay too, simply reminisce over your favourite fairy tale and feel like a kid again. Make a day of it with NetFlorist by spoiling yourself of your little one with delicious snacks or gourmet popcorn to enjoy while listening to their favourite fairy tale!

27 - Strawberry Day
Not every one loves fruit, but one fruit that everyone can agree is strawberries. That little red fruit bursting with sweet perfection is so good that it has its own day! Strawberry Day is on 27 February and it is a day in which you can indulge in those red bursts of flavour. So, whether you grow your own, or pick from a farm, or even purchase it from the grocery store, make this day fantastic with delicious strawberries. At NetFlorist, you can find a different version of this tasty treat. Find decadent chocolate dipped strawberries that anyone would love! Get yours and celebrate Strawberry Day your way!


15 - World Sleep Day
World Sleep Day is on 15 March and is a day that is dedicated to the celebration of sleep. It is also a day that ism used to bring awareness to sleep related issues that affect our daily lives. Sleep is an important factor in our lives and the lack of it can lead to serious health issues. This day is set aside to commemorate this vital part of life. NetFlorist has a range of spoils that makes sleep time cosy and relaxing for all. View the range of comfy gowns that anyone would adore, if you have trouble sleeping then try a delicious warm drink to help relax the body and mind for a peaceful night’s sleep.

17 – St. Patrick’s Day
Once a year the streets are filled with South Africans and tourists wearing strange green clothing, this is a sign that St Patrick's Day has arrived. This green and fun day is all about love, laughter and having a good time. And at NetFlorist, we are all for this! No matter how you decide to spend this St Patrick's Day, make sure you view our awesome St Patrick’s Day gifts range and spoil your loved ones with fabulous presents that will make their St Patrick's Day, which falls on 17 March, awesome!

23 - Puppy Day
Puppy Day is an adorable unofficial holiday that is celebrated on 23 March in honour of the little fur balls that light up our lives. This day is set aside to encourage people to adopt puppies and to celebrate the offspring of “mankind’s best friends”. It is also a day that is used to create awareness of the cruel actions of puppy farms and mills. If you are a puppy lover, why not spoil your fur baby with a fantastic surprise from NetFlorist’s online pet store!

12 - Plant a Flower Day
Plant a Flower Day is on 12 March. The Day aims to encourage people to plant flowers in the garden or yard. So let the green finger in you bloom by plating a flower and growing your own beautiful garden. Flower gardens can be maintained by anyone and it is a fun hobby that provides relaxations and stress relief. Get into the spirit of this day by plating your own flowering plants from NetFlorist’s! Find the perfect plants for you or someone special and grow your garden together.

12 - Organise Your Home Office Day
A home office has quickly become common in many homes. On 12 March, you can take the day to organise you home office. You don’t need to work from home or be self-employed to have a home office. It has become a place where you can sort important documents, and have a work space so that everything runs faster and smoother. NetFlorist has amazing stationery options so that you can make your home office fun and conducive to a healthy atmosphere.

10 - Pack Your Lunch Day
In this day and age more and more people opt to buy lunch at work or at school every day rather than packing a lunch bag. On 10 March is Pack you Lunch Day, take this opportunity to pack your own lunch and enjoy the meal that you have made and packed yourself. Packing your lunch has benefits you may not expect. It can help you make healthier meal choices. So, instead of purchasing something quick and easy like fast foods, you can pack a healthy and hearty meal that will leave you satisfied for the rest of the day. By doing this, you will also be saving money. Make Pack your Lunch Day awesome for you and your little ones with fun lunchboxes from NetFlorist!

31 - Neighbour Day
Neighbour Day is on 31 March and is a day to commemorate community, it is to encourage people to connect with those who live in their neighbourhood. There are different ways to celebrate Neighbour Day. NetFlorist has made it easy for you to forge those special connections with those who live near you. There is a wide range of picnic baskets, for you to spend a fun day out together, or even if you’d just like to break the ice with a stunning bouquet of flowers, or maybe a delicious edible arrangement is just what you need to make this Neighbour Day awesome!


1 - April Fool’s Day
Get them nice and early on April Fool’s Day, early enough to forget what a day full of pranks the 1st of April is. Annually, and most certainly, globally, this day is looked forward to, more so if you’re a prankster! All in the name of harmless fun if someone shouts “April fool!” to you then you have unfortunately just been pranked. Prey on the gullible and have a few laughs. Remember to keep safe and ‘Just Be Nice’.

3 - World Party Day
What an excuse to put on your dancing shoes and let your hair loose! On World Party Day pop a bottle of the best amongst friends and family so as to socialise with positivity and fun while giving negativity and stress a 24 hour break. Start a party, not war. Party all day or party all night or not-either way it’s a good day to have a good day.

3 - Find A Rainbow
Three words to describe a symbolic wonder that is a rainbow: breath-taking, luminous and multihued. These moments of nature showing off its best kept secret are the reason a little bit of sunshine and rain will always be welcomed on any hot summer’s day. Who knows, if you do find a rainbow on Find A Rainbow Day there may be a sack of gold waiting for you on the other end!

7 - Caramel Popcorn Day
A combination that is caramel and popcorn is not only a treat for one’s taste buds but a creation to be celebrated. So, this Caramel Popcorn Day indulge in a package of confectionery dynamite whether you’re comfy at home or out at the cinema. You could grab a bag or tin of ordinary popcorn flavour or you could snack on some sweetness with a savoury twist.

7 - Beer Day
Some may say “Save water and drink water” and on Beer Day this maybe a sentiment shared amongst many a beer lover. So, call a friend then grab a beer mug and crack open a cold and refreshing bottle of your favourite beers. Remember to drink responsibly.

10 - Sibling Day
A sister from the same mister is special and so is a brother from your mother, which is why 10 April is Sibling Day. Dedicated to a part of your family and life that you can never do without, siblings deserve a day of recognition for being your first and best life long friend. Spoil them with lots of love and a special gift to remind them just how special they are to you!

11 - Pet Day
Your fluffy friends, feline or canidae, will be happy to know that there is an entire day dedicated to them. Pet Day comes around every year on the 11th of April and with it a day filled with lots of hugs kisses and treats that they’ll love follows. For those fluffy friends who have no family, why not pay them a visit and spend some time with them too because on Pet Day, all pets deserve a good dose of extra attention.

19- Bicycle Day
Let the wheels on your bicycle go around and round this Bicycle Day. Ride around town and feel the wind in your hair or if you haven’t quite mastered the art of riding a two-wheeler challenge yourself to learning how to.

22- Earth Day
Always on the 22nd of April, Earth Day seeks to developed a cause for global environmental concern and action. The beautiful Earth we live on definitely deserves a day on which we are dedicated to efforts that will create a lasting impact on the global environmental affairs. Since 1970, Earth Day has been a pivotal occasion, observed by people all over the world, that turns all our attention to treating this place we call home a lot better.

25- Thank You Thursday
Two words that make kindness a cure are ‘Thank You’. People in our lives and around us do thankless deeds all the time and that is where Thank You Thursday comes in-taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate them with a simple ‘Thank You’.


1 - Global Love Day
Each day is a good one to spread love, but on Global Love Day (1 May), we make the conscious effort of showing love to ourselves and others. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Use this day to do the things that make you and others happy, and of course, treat them to a special gift! Whether you send a romantic gift, or a friendship gift, Global Love Day is the perfect day to do so.

1 - Golf Day
You may have noticed a special golfer in your life getting increasingly excited as 1 May approaches. It probably has something to do with the fact that 1 May is Golf Day, and it’s the perfect day to spoil them with something that any golfer would love! Some speculate that Golf Day’s origins lay in 1916, when the first professional golf tournament took place on this day. Others say that it’s the first day the very first tubular steel golf club shaft was allowed to be used in a golf championship. Whatever the case, it gives you the perfect excuse to spoil a golfer! Personalised gifts are always that much more special than any others, and NetFlorist has an awesome range of personalised gifts for golfers. Whether you choose to give a personalised golf-themed t-shirt to them, or treat them to a personalised golf shirt, they’ll be happy to receive such a thoughtful gift from you. Go on, make a golfer’s day and wish them a happy Golf Day!

2 - Teacher Appreciation Day
They offer guidance and support, jokes that only they could come up with, and show us the world in a new light. Teachers are like parents away from home, and for all they do and offer, they deserve endless appreciation. Teacher Appreciation Day is the opportunity to express gratitude to these awesome people in our lives. It takes place on the Tuesday of the first full week of May, and in 2020, Teacher Appreciation Day is on 5 May. One of the best ways to thank a teacher is with a Teachers’ Day gift that they can keep and cherish for years to come. NetFlorist has special gifts for teachers, including personalised clocks that they can hang up in the classroom, personalised wall art for the home, thank you bouquets to add brightness to their day, and even yummy treats such as gourmet food hampers and cupcake jars! Whatever you choose to honour a special teacher with, they’ll always know that their good deeds are never unnoticed!

15 - International Day of Families
Family, whether biological or not, is made up of the people we need most. They bring out a range of emotions in us, and the most notable is love. On the International Day of Families, which is on the 15th of May each year, show them that they mean the world to you. This day is all about increasing awareness of issues that relate to families, including those that are social, economic and demographic. And while every family has a myriad of unique issues that affect them, each of its members love to be loved. This International Day of Families, spoil yours with only the best. Whether you get a personalised gown for Mom, a yummy biltong hamper for Dad, a ravishing red rose bouquet for your wife, or a home décor gift that the whole family can enjoy, gifts for the International Day of Families are sure to warm all of their hearts. Show the utmost appreciation to those closest to you on this day!

17 - World Baking Day
Who can resist a chewy brownie, a decadent slice of cake, or a quirky little cupcake? Not many! Whether baking is an art for you, or you’re just starting to learn some new recipes, World Baking Day should make you just a little bit excited. Celebrated on 17 May, World Baking Day is all about spreading the joy of baking! It’s no secret that NetFlorist loves a good baked confectionary, and our friends over at the Bakery at NetFlorist can attest to that. World Baking Day is the perfect excuse to treat your loved ones to the goodness of a baked gift. If you’re not up for making everything from scratch, then the Bakery at NetFlorist is here to rescue you. Spoil them with a tin of decadent chocolate brownies, cheeky chocolate brownies or cakes on a stick, a fun assortment of cupcake jars, or an entire cake for delivery! Whatever your choice, make their World Bakery Day as sweet as can be… with a little help from NetFlorist of course!

18 - World Whisky Day
A day that’s about making whisky fun and enjoyable? We didn’t think there was a need (since whisky is loved by so many), but that’s exactly what World Whisky Day is set on doing. World Whisky Day takes place on the third Saturday of May each year, and it can be celebrated in many ways. It is also focussed on giving people the chance to try whisky, particularly if they wouldn’t normally drink it at any other time of year. Whether you are trying to share your own love of whisky with those around you, or know someone who was made for this day, a gift for World Whisky Day is never a bad idea. Surprise them with a classy black box that holds a classic – perhaps Johnnie Walker or Glenfiddich? Another beautifully presented gift comes in the form of a personalised whisky crate, which they are sure to love. But of all the gifts you could give to a whisky connoisseur, nothing quite tops the personalised varieties, such as our personalised Johnnie Walker or personalised Jack Daniels. These fine alcohol gifts are even more special when paired with a set of stylish personalised whisky glasses, or even something to chew on, like a biltong hamper. Celebrate World Whisky Day with only the best, and make a special person’s day!

20 - International Day of Happiness
The International Day of Happiness, celebrated each year on 20 March, is about recognising that a large part of human progress involves increasing human happiness, not just improving our economies. Spread happiness this International Day of Happiness and celebrate this joyous day by giving gifts of happiness to those you love! Gifts for International Day of Happiness can range from those that brighten their day, like a cheerful sunflower bouquet, to those that are full of sweetness, like delicious cupcake jars. But the gifts that keep on giving, like quirky personalised t-shirts , or useful gifts like a personalised chopping board for a foodie friend, are there to give happiness again and again. Whatever you choose to spoil them with on this day, making someone else happy is also a gift to yourself.

21 - Notebook Day
If there’s any day to take note of, it has to be Notebook Day. Most of us have tried our hand at journaling at some point in our lives, whether as angsty teens or young adults navigating the joys and pitfalls of growing up. Notebook Day, which falls on 21 May in 2020, is concerned with the importance of journaling, and what it can do for us. Journaling can be a small form of therapy, a way to explore our emotions, and a way to preserve some of our most notable experiences. Whatever the reasons for journaling, Notebook Day is one of those occasions that allow us to surprise almost anyone. A stationery gift is, of course, one that a loved one can enjoy time and time again. On Notebook Day, spoil them with a personalised notebook that brings them joy at the turn of every page, and perhaps a personalised pencil bag to go with it. If you have a loved one who is a new mom, then Notebook Day is also the perfect opportunity to give her a stunning journal as a new baby gift, where she can document all those precious moments of motherhood. The reasons to celebrate this day are endless, but when you give a gift for Notebook Day, you are giving wellness, creativity and a safe space to a loved one.

24 - Brother’s Day
They drive us a little crazy sometimes, but boy, do we love our brothers! Brother’s Day, as its name suggests, is a day that celebrates the special bond we have with our brothers, and gives us the opportunity to appreciate them. This Brother’s Day, take some time off to spend with your brother and family as a whole, but don’t forget to send him a gift that shows him just how much he means to you. Brotherly gifts include stylish personalised wallets, personalised mugs, sporty personalised caps, and, if he’s time-conscious, a gorgeous watch. Gift for Brother’s Day are abundant on NetFlorist; find the one that matches with his personality and let him know what an amazing brother he is!

25 - Towel Day
Every year, on 25 May, fans of Douglas Adams pay tribute to the author, and show their love for his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Fans openly carry a towel, considered one of the most useful items in the book, on Towel Day. Make this day even more fun for a special sci-fi fan with a personalised towel that they can take pride in, even long after the day has passed!

29 - Biscuit Day
The pleasure of eating a biscuit lies in both its taste and its texture. That sweet, crunchy sensation is what keeps our hands in the cookie jar, and if you’re a biscuit lover, then you’ll be more than excited about Biscuit Day. This day is simply about celebrating and appreciating the yummy goodness of that crunchy confectionary. Biscuit Day is on the 29th of May each year, so when it comes around, why not spoil some special people with a treat? The Bakery at NetFlorist boasts a delicious assortment of biscuits, perfectly packaged to be sent to your loved ones. A tin of biscuits is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Whether as a romantic gift, a congratulatory gift or a get-well gift, a batch of biscuits is the surest way to sweeten a day. Send a sweet biscuit gift to a sweet person, and make Biscuit Day their favourite!

30 - Water a Flower Day
Without the vibrant colours and fragrant beauty of flowers, our world would be a little less lively. Water a Flower Day is our chance to appreciate these beauties for the brightness they add to our lives, as well as a gentle reminder to give them a little drink. What better way to spread the joy of beautiful blooms than with a lovely flower bouquet delivery or a flower arrangement sent to a special person? Send the brightest flowers or flowering plants for delivery, such as a dainty daisy plant or a tall and elegant orchid that would put a smile on any face. A flower arrangement in a vase, for their home or office space, is another wonderful way to wish them the happiest Water a Flower Day. If anything, treat this day as the perfect excuse to put a smile on someone’s face!
31 - Macaroon DayOn May 31st, a sweet coconut confection is celebrated. The melt-in-your-mouth sensation that a macaroon gives you, along with its delicate flavour, is an experience that is difficult to hate. These yummy and often colourful delights are the obvious treat to send on Macaroon Day, and the Bakery at NetFlorist has no shortage. It’s as simple as ordering macaroons online, and having them sent to your sweet-toothed loved one’s door. Put a twist on the classic sweet treat by sending a macaroon cake instead, or a box of adorable macaroon cupcakes. No matter the macaroon, spoil a sweet person with it on Macaroon Day!


4 - Hug Your Cat Day
As if you needed an excuse to shower your purr-fect kitty with love, Hug Your Cat Day encourages you to hold them in a tight embrace until they’re purring with pleasure. This day is on the 4th of June each year, and while a hug is always enough, why not treat your cat to a stylish personalised pet gift, like a cat collar and a tag with their name on it? They’ll be the coolest cat on the block!

5 - Running Day
A day that promotes healthier living and overall wellbeing? Sounds like Global Running Day! This occasion takes place on 5 June, and encourages everyone to pull out their running shoes and hit the road. For a special runner, order a gift for Running Day, like a personalised running t-shirt, or a personalised water bottle that will carry them through all of their runs! More than anything, don’t forget to put on your running clothes, and go out for some fresh air this Global Running Day.

6 - Gardening Exercise Day
Calling all green thumbs! It turns out that gardening is a subtle form of exercise, and on Gardening Exercise Day, you’re encouraged to throw in a few extra stretches and steps while you enjoy some good old gardening. Whether you’re planting or pruning, this is the perfect day to enjoy the outdoors! If you know a garden-lover, then it’s also a great opportunity to send them a plant gift, like a rose bush or an elegant lily plant. They’ll have the best day planting their new present, and exercising while they’re at it!

7 - Doughnut Day
Doughnut Day is simply the best day to indulge in these sugary, deep-fried treats. The Bakery at NetFlorist is the perfect place to start spreading the goodness of Doughnut Day. Send a sweet doughnut gift to someone special, either as a romantic gift, or a friendly token of appreciation. Whatever the intent, there’s no yummier way to sweeten a day…

8 - Best Friends Day
You never need an excuse to appreciate your best friend, but Best Friends Day is an even better day to show them love. Best Friends Day is on 8 June each year, and gives you the chance to a celebrate a friendship you cherish more than most. Take this opportunity to say “thank you” with an amazing friendship gift, such as a personalised clock or a personalised photo frame that holds your favourite memories with them. Wish them a Happy Best Friends Day, and look forward to many more years of fierce friendship!

12 - Red Rose Day
Nothing says ‘romance’ like a bouquet of red roses, and as a spontaneous romantic gift, they are the perfect thing to give on Red Rose Day. Celebrated on 12 June each year, this occasion is all about appreciating the beauty of this enchanting flower. What better way to do so than by sending red roses for delivery? Go on, spoil that special someone!

14 - International Bath Day
International Bath Day recognises the learning opportunity that bath time gives to children. With the incorporation of bath toys, bath time can be both fun and educational! But for adults, bath time is all about sinking into utter relaxation. So what better way to make it blissful, than with a bath and body gift for International Bath Day. On 14 June, pamper someone special with all the essentials for a truly indulgent bath experience. It could be a bath and body hamper, a personalised towel, or a personalised scented candle!

18 - International Picnic Day
International Picnic Day is the perfect way to bring them all together and go out for a day of fun and relaxation with the people who matter most. On 18 June, send a picnic basket to someone special, and maybe a gourmet snack hamper , and let them have a fabulous Picnic Day! Trust us, they’ll thank you endlessly.

28 - Happy Heart Hugs Day
28 June, lovingly named Happy Heart Hugs Day, it’s time to get as mushy as possible with the ones you love. There are numerous ways to show love and of course, you should hug as many people as you can on this day! But nothing beats a heartfelt gift sent straight to your loved one’s doorstep. Send them the things they love, from flower bouquets, to sugary candy jars and personalised stationery. Whatever it is, make sure that everyone feels the love on this super sentimental occasion.


1- International Joke Day
On International Joke Day we believe that “jokes make the world go around”. So, take the opportunity to crack a joke, share it on the internet to spread the laughs and watch the world become a better place by the “ha-ha!!”. Pick an amusing gift to go with the giggles and bursts, from our wide range of gifts that will fill their bellies with just as much happiness!

2- I Forgot Day
Just in case you forgot, I Forgot Day is a day that comes just in time for you to confess with remorse that cannot be turned away. Whether you forgot your mother’s birthday, you forgot to pack your child’s lunchbox with their favourites on ‘Favourite Fridays’ or your anniversary completely slipped your mind; I Forgot Day is your chance to make up for it. Whatever you do, do not forget to log onto NetFlorist and order gifts online to make up for your forgetfulness. And if you’re not so forgetful then don’t forget to always just be nice!

3- International Plastic Bag Free Day
Spread the word around your world, this International Plastic Free Day, about the environmentally friendly alternatives to the usage of not-so-environmentally friendly plastic bags. Ten years later, on this day, NGO’s and global citizens, alike, continue to act to raise this awareness as they promote sustainable solutions. Do your part with a totebag gift and spread the eco-friendly style, sustainability and convenience to your friends and family.

7- World Chocolate Day
Every year you get to eat your heart out feasting on scrumptious chocolatey treats for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks in between, too! No judgement and absolutely no shame about it. So, go ahead and share the Cacao tree cheer with the delicious flavours of love, peace and happiness because ‘in chocolate we trust. Browse our piece of sweet paradise with chocolate gifts that come in packaging and pairs that are just as amazing as the sensation of chocolate melting on your tongue!

7- Global Forgiveness Day

To forgive or to be forgiven is the sentiment shared on Global Forgiveness Day. Rebuild broken or burnt bridges once and for all and seal off the love with a gift from your heart.

10- Teddy Bear Picnic Day
Teddy bears are a (inner) child’s best friend, and for all the time’s they’ve been there to hug you better, a picnic on Teddy Bear Picnic Day is more than deserved. Pack some P&J sandwiches, something refreshing to drink and a blanket for a cosy moment between you and the oldest friend you’ve ever had. Share this day with the little one’s and have them appreciate their teddy bears in advance, because they’ll be there for it all, too.

16- Get out of the doghouse day
You may have recently sent someone stomping to the doghouse or, perhaps you’ve been stuck in that sticky spot for a little too long. If this is the sad case, Get out of the dog house day is celebrated with people like yourself, all over the world, in mind. Forgive someone for their wrong doing and give them another chance. Reconnect with a spouse, friend or family member who sent you packing, come bearing gifts and GET OUT OF THE DOG HOUSE ALREADY!

22- Parents’ Day

The fourth Sunday of July is dedicated to celebrating mom and dad as a unit and combined force that makes home and family a place in your heart. Celebrate them for the values they teach and the sacrifices they make. On this day, spend time with mom and dad showering them with gifts of your appreciation, as well as lots of hugs and lots of kisses.

23- Sprinkle Day
A little sprinkle never hurt anybody and it is for that reason that a lot of sprinkle is welcomed on Sprinkle Day. Decorate your doughnuts, ice cream, cupcakes and candy with colourful sprinkles of joy that comes with a splash of sweetness to indulge in for the day.

24- Cousins Day
A wise woman once said “A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost” (Marion C. Garretty) and this makes them special enough to honour and celebrate on Cousins’ Day. Take the time to call, text or visit them, bearing gifts , with the intention to show them your love and appreciation while you celebrate each other with endearing cousin kisses and hugs!

26- Aunt and Uncle Day
This pair of relatives, your mom or dad’s brothers and sister, mean a lot to the family. For all their sound counsel and advice, the coolest gifts over special occasions, the fun times and helpful times, they deserve a day dedicated to them. Spend time with your aunts and uncles on this day showering them with lots of love and gifts . Call them, visit them or simply send them a gift from your heart to theirs, with NetFlorist.

27- Take Your Houseplant for A Walk Day
Whether the sun is out or weather the rain is pouring, taking your houseplants for a walk is always a refreshing idea, for both you and your humble houseplants. Take the time to bond over some exercise and heartfelt conversations while encouraging their growth in a wonderful way. No matter how big and bold or small and special your houseplants are, buckle them up in a stroller or take them by the hand and share a moment, this Take your houseplants for a walk Day.

30- Father-in-Law Day
He is the man responsible for the beginning of your happily-ever-after and by virtue of the gift he has given to you, in the form of your hubby or wifey, honour him this Father-in-Law Day. Regardless of his personality and charms, your spouse’s Dad is due for a little recognition. Give him a token of your honour with a gift of appreciation.


1 - Girl Friends Day
Girl Friends’ Day is on 1 August, the month of women. This day is set aside to appreciate the girl friends in your life that add value in a none romantic way. This day is solely for female platonic friends that light up your life. No matter how long you’ve known them or how much value they add, they deserve to be loved, appreciated and spoiled. At NetFlorist there is a wide range of flowers, bath and body gifts, as well as chocolate hampers that they will absolutely love! Make this Girl Friends’ Day awesome!

2 - International Beer Day
Beer is a much-loved alcoholic beverage worldwide, and it has its own day. International Beer Day is on 2 August and it is the day for you to give credit to this beloved beverage. At NetFlorist, you can view the range of awesome beers for you and a friend. So, no matter how you decide to spend this beer day, make sure it’s done with a cold on in hand.

4 - Sisters’ Day
Sisters’ are so special that they need their own day! 4 August is a day dedicatedly solely to sisters all over the world. This day is to celebrate those very special bonds, one that has sparked many stories, movies and songs; the bond of sisterhood. Make your sister feel loved and appreciated with a fantastic gift from NetFlorist! Spoil her with awesome personalised apparel, or something for her home, or even a delicious cake for her to enjoy. Make this Sisters’ Day awesome!

8 - International Cat Day
International Cat Day is on 8 August. This day is a day to remember all the funny and weird things our little kitties do. It has been proven that funny cat videos can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions. It is also seen that petting a cat reduces stress levels. So, while all of this is true, it is also important to remember to show our furry friend love too. Take this day to spoil your fur baby with something they will love from the online pet store at NetFlorist!

11 - Son and Daughter Day
Son and Daughter Day takes place on 11 August and was created for parents to acknowledge the joy their children bring into their lives. Parents share a special bond with their children and on this day, parents can take the opportunity to let their children know how loved they truly are! NetFlorist has a wide range of gifts for kids so that you can spoil your little ones rotten! And if they’re not so little, you can still find the perfect gift to make them feel special!

15 - Relaxation Day
Every year in 15 August, people celebrate Relaxation Day. It is a day for people to take a break from their hectic lives and to smell the proverbial roses. On this day, you are encouraged to take time to relax your body and mind. NetFlorist has the perfect range of bath and body essentials as well as relaxing spa days that you can spoil yourself or a loved one with. Take this time out and have a relaxing day!

16 - Men’s Grooming Day
In this day and age, being groomed and well kept is a thing to be admired. However, not all men feel the need to groom themselves. 16 August is Men’s Grooming Day, it is a day dedicated to encourage men to buy products and take pride in their appearance. Whether you do it at a salon or at home, grooming is necessary and NetFlorist has just the thing to give you a helping hand. View the range of bath and body essentials for men and get all that you need to make Men’s Grooming Day awesome!

25 - Kiss And Make Up Day
Fights and squabbles are part of every day life, but sometimes they tend to invade our relationships and cause divisions that are not easily forgotten. When that happens, Kiss And Make Up Day is to the rescue. Kiss And Make Up Day takes place on 25 August and is a day for us to make up with a loved one for the misunderstanding. So whether it is a partner, parent or sibling, take this opportunity to kiss and make up. Make the day even more special by spoiling them with a fantastic gift from NetFlorist!

26 - Dog Day
Dog Day is on 26 August, and it is a day to raise awareness about the number of dogs that are currently in rescue centres and encourage the adoption of these animals. There are so many dogs in the world who do not have a home, and on this day, we remember these furry friends and love the ones who do share a home with us. For those who do, you can spoil them with something that they will love from NetFlorist’s online pet store!

31 - Trail Mix Day
Trail mix is a high energy snack comprised of dried fruits, nuts and energy snacks which are used to keep your energy levels up when you are hiking, walking, or taking part in intense actives. Trail Mix Day, which is on 31 August, is dedicated to creating the best trail mixes that will keep you energised and alert through any activity. If you do not want to make your own trail mix, check out NetFlorist’s range of dried fruit and nuts that will make an awesome on the go snack.


9 - Teddy Bear Day
September 9 is Teddy Bear Day, a day to bring out all your teddy bears and thank them for their company, the fun times you have had with them. Teddy bears have been with us since we were little and they were sometimes the only source of comfort that some of us had. On this day, we remember and celebrate our fuzzy friends. If you have children in your life, surprise them with their own teddy bear to cuddle with. NetFlorist’s has a range of teddy bear gifts that you can spoil a loved one with to make this Teddy Bear Day awesome!

13 - Fortune Cookie Day
Add a little fun and excitement to your life by celebrating Fortune Cookie Day, which is celebrated on 13 September. Fortune cookies are fun biscuits that contain a general clairvoyant message inside. The purpose of this is to spread positivity to the recipient. the idea is that if one feels and has a positive outlook on life, and expects good things to happen then chances are good things are likely to happen. Spread positivity with more than just a fortune cookie, but with awesome gifts from NetFlorist!

15 - Wife Appreciation Day
Wife Appreciation Day is an exciting event that gives husbands a chance to demonstrate just how much they love and appreciate their wife. Wife Appreciation Day takes place on 15 September. It is a day that is set aside for husbands to honour their wives and show them the love they deserve. Wives make life worth living for, so use this day to spoil your significant other with stunning gifts from NetFlorist that she will love!

21 - World Gratitude Day
World Gratitude Day is celebrated on 21 September every year. It is a day that gives individuals, as well as organisations the opportunity to celebrate and show gratitude to society. The means of showing gratitude are done in many different ways. One of the best ways to show someone appreciation is with a fantastic gifts. NetFlorist has a wide range of flowers and gifts that you could send to someone in honour of World Gratitude Day.

22 April - Family Day
Family Day is a public holiday celebrated in our country. It is a day for people to take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life and spend quality time with those who mean the most to them. Family is important and we need to cherish the moments that mean the most to us with the people who mean the most to us. Make Family Day fun and a day that everyone can enjoy, you can take your family on a picnic and enjoy the outdoors, or have a fantastic meal in your home, or even share an awesome experience together. Make this Family Day memorable with NetFlorist

25 - Cooking Day
With our busy lives, there is always a rush to whip up food quickly and most of the time dinners end up being take outs. Days have become so rushed that there is very little time to think about cooking or preparing a hearty, healthy meal for you and your family. On Cooking Day, 25 September, take the opportunity to make time in your busy to prepare a good home cooked meal for you to enjoy. If you or someone special need a little motivation, NetFlorist has an awesome range of kitchen utensils that is sure to make this Cooking Day as fun as possible!

26 - Fitness Day
Fitness is not just about losing weight and having an amazing body, it is about feeling happy in your own skin, it is about mental health and living a life that is fulfilling. If you are planning on starting your fitness journey and don’t know where to being, then let Fitness Day, 26 September be your start. Fitness Day is about changing how you feel about your body and challenging yourself to push your limits. If you need some motivation, there’s nothing like new fitness clothes and gear to get you going. View NetFlorist’s range of awesome activewear and accessories and make This Fitness Day amazing!

27 - Love Note Day
With the technological age, love notes seem to be so outdated, but on Love Note Day take the time to express your affection for someone in the most sentimental way. Love Note Day is on 27 September, and it is a day for you to send a love message to your significant other, or even someone that you’ve had your eye on. A loving message will come as a pleasant surprise to the recipient, but why not make it even more special by surprising them with a gifts from NetFlorist to make this Love Note Day one that they will remember for years to come!

28 - Good Neighbour Day
In this day and age more and more people tend to be more isolated and live life unsocially. The days of knowing everybody in your neighbourhood are far behind us and now the only time we converse with our neighbours is in passing greetings. Good Neighbour Day falls on 28 September, use this day as an opportunity to be a good neighbour and get to know the families who live around you. Not sure how to break the ice? Why not surprise them with a stunning bouquet of flowers from NetFlorist! If you are feeling a bit more generous, there is a wide rand of fantastic gifts that they will absolutely love! Get into the spirit of the day and be a good neighbour!


1-International Coffee Day
Grab a mug of hot, sweet or strong coffee and sip all you want because International Coffee Day calls for it. Lovers of the world’s favourite hot beverage will be ecstatic to know that on a day such as this, indulging their senses with the taste of coffee, just the way they like it, is all they must do to observe this day.

3-Boyfriends Day
This day calls for the pampering of your guy. Show him how much you care, and how much he means to you. He’s a special part of your life, too, so it only makes that a day would be dedicated to him too. Make his dayin all the right ways and leave him feeling loved and valued.

04-Improve Your Office Day
On this day, be encouraged to make some changes within your work space. A few pieces of décorwill not only add a personal touch to your environment but will bring much needed delight for a boost in making your surroundings more pleasant and enjoyable. Update a few office necessities, rearrange your space; whatever you do, do it your way.

20-Office Chocolate Day
Hip hip hooray! It’s Office Chocolate Day! Bring on the chocolatey treats and keep it rolling because on this day, every office is encouraged to spread the Cocoa cheer and wonder of Willy Wonka’s life passion and sweet obsession. Share chocolate, swop chocolate, bring chocolate to sell it’ll be a day everyone will enjoy.

21- International Gin and Tonic Day
This British drink has managed to maintain its place in popularity amongst cocktails which is why it deserves it own day. Cheers to the refreshing punch of bitter gin mixed with the dryness of tonic, garnished with lime for a little sweetness. This drink has stood the test of time and palatable taste so invite a friend over or go out to a bar chanting ‘bring on the gin and tonic specials!’. Remember to drink responsibly.

28-Mother-in-Law Day
She is the woman responsible for the beginning of your happily-ever-after and by virtue of the gift she has given to you, in the form of your hubby or wifey, honour her, this Mother-in-law Day. Regardless of her personality and care, your spouse’s Mom is due for a little recognition. Give her a token of your honour with a gift of appreciation.


3 - Candy Day
You probably don’t need an excuse to indulge in a sugary treat, but if ever you did, then Candy Day is it! On 3 November, spread the sweetness with a personalised candy jar or a stunning edible bouquet delivered straight to a sweetheart’s doorstep. Not only will you warm their heart, but you won’t have to share any of your own candy!

13 - World Kindness Day
Everyday is a good day to just be nice, but World Kindness Day, observed on 13 November each year, is specially dedicated to highlighting good deeds. When it comes to acts of kindness, everybody enjoys a good gift. Why not make this World Kindness Day especially lovely by giving an awesome gift to an awesome person? Buy gifts online and have them delivered to someone near and dear to you, and play your part in making the world a kinder place.

22 - Go for a Ride Day
Whatever your preferred mode of transportation, 22 November is the ultimate day to just… go for a ride! Go For a Ride Day is all about celebrating the progress we’ve made in the way of getting around, from the boat, to the bicycle, the car and the plane. Use this day to spend some time on the quiet waters, or perhaps cycling to the park. Spoil those closest to you with gifts that’ll make their chosen ride even more enjoyable, like personalised cycling t-shirts, or a wine gift that they can enjoy while sailing the calm waters.

23 - You’re Welcome Giving Day
While we’ve always known the importance of saying ‘Thank you’ and being grateful, You’re Welcome Giving Day is a day where the importance of saying ‘You’re welcome’ is emphasised. This day falls aptly after Thanksgiving, and is about returning kindness with kindness, and gratitude with gratitude. Thank you gifts are a common type of surprise for a loved one, but have you considered a ‘You’re welcome’ gift?

25 - Shopping Reminder Day
With Christmas around the corner, we’re not even sure you need a reminder to start your yearly Christmas shopping, but that’s exactly what Shopping Reminder Day is about. It is roughly a month before Christmas, and just serves as a gentle reminder to start your holiday shopping. More importantly, it’s time to start ticking off those Christmas gifts for loved ones!

26 - Cake Day
It’s one of the sweetest times of year! Cake Day, which is on November 26, recognises the greatness of the classic dessert that few can resist. It’s no secret that the Bakery at NetFlorist is cake crazy, as we’ve got it all! From rainbow cakes and macaroon cakes, to classic vanilla and chocolate cakes, you’re sure to find the perfect way to celebrate this day!


4 - Cookie Day
Any cookie monster will be glad to know that there’s a day specially made to celebrate their favourite delicious snack. This sweet day is on 4 November, and is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and some loved ones to the deliciousness of a cookie tin from NetFlorist! Cookies are versatile, with the ability to make anyone’s day, whether as a birthday gift, or a get-well gift! How could you go wrong with this delightful, crunchy baked good?

9 - Christmas Card Day
With the excitement of Christmas mounting, you probably don’t need a reminder to send out your Christmas greeting cards but Christmas Card Day, on 9 December, is the perfect day to send your Season’s Greetings. Start getting everyone you know and love into the spirit of Christmas, and show them what a wonderful time it’s going to be. Christmas Card Day is when you send the prelude to all your fabulous Christmas gifts, so get creative and spread the Christmas cheer!

8 - Brownie Day
The world is choc-full of delicious brownie recipes, including those with nuts, fruit, ganache and sprinkles. On Brownie Day (8 December each year), celebrate these decadently chewy treats! The best way to celebrate brownies is by spreading the sweetness with brownies sent to your loved ones’ doors! Send a tin of brownies from the Bakery at NetFlorist wish them a happy Brownie Day!

12 - Poinsettia Day
As Christmas draws closer, a host of colourful plants bloom to welcome it. The Poinsettia is one of the plants that have come to be associated with this holiday, but adding colour and cheer to a loved one’s day, with any flower bouquet or flower arrangement for Christmas is perfectly acceptable on Poinsettia Day (12 December). Make their Christmas holidays even more special with a bright flower gift!

15 - Cupcake Day
A day dedicated to one of the most-loved treats of all time? Yes, it’s Cupcake Day! This day falls on 15 December, and it might just be the sweetest day on the calendar. Use this day to indulge in a yummy cupcake or two… or three. Don’t forget to make it sweet for the ones you love by sending a lovely, freshly baked cupcake gift, or a tasty combination of unique cupcake jars!

15 - International tea day
Tea is like a hug from the inside, and on International Tea Day, we get the chance to recognise just how lovely it makes our lives. Whether you love a cup of spicy chai tea, some soothing chamomile, or energising green tea, kick back and have a sip on this day. Don’t forget to warm the days of your loved ones, too, with tea gifts that range from tea hampers to stylish tea diffusers. Go on, make it beau-tea-ful!

26 - Thank You Note Day
It’s one of the earliest things we learn in life – always say, ‘Thank you’. On Thank You Note Day, show gratitude to everyone who deserves it, and say it with a beautifully written note from your heart. Go the extra mile with a thank you gift, like a thank you bouquet, or a tin of thank you cookies. Whatever they like, make sure they feel appreciated with it!

27 - Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday is on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the U.S) and Black Friday. It is a holiday based on the spirit of charity and the joy of giving, as opposed to the joy of receiving. This day falls perfectly within the season of gratitude and generosity, and give you the chance to, well, GIVE. Buy gifts online and send them to all the people who deserve them, and take joy in the act of doing more for others.

31 - Champagne Day
The luxurious feeling of those light bubbles in a cool glass of champagne is unmatched, and it is this exact experience that’s celebrated on Champagne Day. This occasion pays tribute to a celebratory drink, and as such, it is best observed with a glass of the good stuff. Send a champagne gift to a loved one and let them enjoy this luxurious day with you! Champagne Day falls perfectly on the 31st of December, giving you the chance to toast to the new year.
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