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Personalised Womens Day Dried Fruit And Nut Box
  1. Personalised Womens Day Dried Fruit And Nut Box

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Product Description:   less text Celebrate the women in your life with a delicious snack gift, like this personalised Women’s Day dried fruit and nut box. Available in a standard, medium, or large size. The standard gift comes with Wedgewood Nougat, Montagu raw mixed tree nuts (100g), Montagu mix (100g), Montagu Turkish apricots (100g), and Montagu roasted and salted cashews. The medium gift comes with an extra box of Wedgewood Cherubs Shortbread (150g). The large gift comes with an added Wedgewood Cracker Nougat, an extra packet of Montagu raw mixed tree nuts (100g), and an extra packet of Montagu Turkish apricots (100g). All gift options include a gift box that is decorated with a ‘Happy Women’s Day’ sleeve. You can also personalise the sleeve with a personal message of your choice. The dried fruit and nuts are Halaal and Kosher. Get this personalised Women’s Day dried fruit and nut box delivered straight to their door with NetFlorist. Get this Personalised Womens Day Dried Fruit And Nut Box delivered with NetFlorist.
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Reviewed by Masego

"Got something similar for Mother's Day, I would love to get this for Women's Day as well. Great product"

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Personalised Womens Day Dried Fruit And Nut Box

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