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Bring a little life into someone's space with an organic ornament from NetFlorist. From herb pot gifts, succulents in ceramic pottery, orchids and bonsai trees, you will find the perfect living gift for any occasion! NetFlorist specialises in flowers and plant gifts. With sameday delivery, NetFlorist guarantees that your plants will arrive vibrant and fresh, ready to make a loved one’s day. NetFlorist delivers nationwide, including in areas such as Sydenham, Orange Grove, Louis Botha and Waverley.


R0 R3600
R0 R3600
plants: Capsicums Plant in Glass Vase!
Capsicums Plant in Glass Vase sold out
Capsicums Plant in Glass Vase Code: NETPL126 200695619
plants: Casablanca Lily Basket!
Casablanca Lily Basket sold out
Code: NETPL1100 200752728
plants: Casablanca Lily in Hessian!
Casablanca Lily in Hessian sold out
Code: NETPL1081 200752724
plants: Casablanca Lily in white paper!
Casablanca Lily in white paper sold out
Code: NETPL1082 200752725
plants: Casablanca Lily Picket Fence!
Casablanca Lily Picket Fence sold out
Code: NETPL1096 200752721
plants: Casablanca Lily Plant in Brown Paper!
Casablanca Lily Plant in Brown Paper sold out
Code: NETPL1095 200752720
plants: Casablanca Lily Plant in Hat Box!
Casablanca Lily Plant in Hat Box sold out
Code: NETPL1093 200752718
plants: Casablanca Planter!
Casablanca Planter sold out
Code: NETPL1092 200752717
plants: Casablanca Pot Plant!
Casablanca Pot Plant sold out
Code: NETPL1069 200752723
plants: Ceramic Owl with Succulent!
Ceramic Owl with Succulent sold out
Code: NETPL1624 200768064
plants: Ceramic Pot with Black Zantedeschia!
Ceramic Pot with Black Zantedeschia sold out
Code: NETPL869 200745113
plants: Ceramic Pot with Orange Zantedeschia!
Ceramic Pot with Orange Zantedeschia sold out
Code: NETPL867 200745111
plants: Cerise Cyclamen in a Crysanth Basket!
Cerise Cyclamen in a Crysanth Basket sold out
Code: NETPL795 200741530
plants: Cerise Cyclamen Spoils Basket!
Cerise Cyclamen Spoils Basket sold out
Code: NETPL498 200764295
plants: Cerise Rose and Succulent Delight!
Cerise Rose and Succulent Delight sold out
Code: NETPL826 200741580
plants: Cerise Rose Bush in Hat Box!
Cerise Rose Bush in Hat Box sold out
Code: NETPL1374 200762072
plants: Checkered Fathers Day Baobab Kit!
Checkered Fathers Day Baobab Kit sold out
Checkered Father's Day Baobab Kit Code: NPL1733 200782321
plants: Chilli in Pot Plant!
Chilli in Pot Plant sold out
Chilli in Pot Plant Code: NETPL1359 200777826
plants: Chilli Plant in Green Vase!
Chilli Plant in Green Vase sold out
Chilli Plant in Green Vase Code: NETPL1526 200777816
plants: Chilli Plant in Yellow Wrapping!
Chilli Plant in Yellow Wrapping sold out
Code: NETPL1358 200765661
plants: Christmas Poinsettia Boat!
Christmas Poinsettia Boat sold out
Code: NETPL698 200734728
plants: Classic Sunflower Pot!
Classic Sunflower Pot sold out
Classic Sunflower Pot Code: NPL2469 200796484
plants: Congrats Flower Basket!
Congrats Flower Basket sold out
Code: NETPL510 200721589
plants: Congratulations Bubbly Plant Basket!
Congratulations Bubbly Plant Basket sold out
Code: NETPL513 200721592
plants: Congratulations Plant Basket!
Congratulations Plant Basket sold out
Code: NETPL518 200721597
plants: Cute Cactus Gift!
Cute Cactus Gift sold out
Code: NETPL376 200723859
plants: Cycad Revoluta!
Cycad Revoluta sold out
A popular Cycad plant also known as 'Sago Palm', this Cycad tree comes with a touch of South African style around the lip... Code: NETPL021 45205
plants: Cyclamen in a Pot!
Cyclamen in a Pot sold out
Code: NETPL058 200688150
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