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How to make Potpourri

How to make Potpourri

Getting flowers delivered to your door is always a special occasion, whether they were sent by an ardent admirer or a loving family member; when you see that delivery van pull up to your door it's a bit like someone has waved a magic wand over your day and nothing else really matters any more; whether you were having a bad day or an average day, there's a goofy smile on your face.

For those of us who want to hold on to the magic and keep that rose as a memento of your first anniversary together or you simply want to make your roses last for as long as possible so you're always reminded of the thoughtfulness of a friend of family member, we can help.

There are many tricks that we have heard of, for example; if you cut the stems while they are submerged in water it stops air bubbles forming and the flowers last longer. But that is just a temporary fix because the sad truth is that (watch out because we're about to drop a philosophical bomb on you), everything dies, we are all simply transient beings and whether or not you put the roses in buckets of ice water, crush up a Panado or pour a teaspoon of vodka in to the water the flowers will eventually die. But fear not! We have a way you can keep your roses – or rather the petals – around for a long time. The answer is so simple, you will kick yourself; turn the petals into potpourri!

Potpourri is one of the best things to do with all your petals, and you can simply keep adding to your stash of petals. The petals will keep their colour and they tend to look fragile, precious and seem to contain more mystery. They also have an intense fragrance which will perfume your living room, underwear drawer or linen cupboards.

All you need are:

  • The wilted petals
  • Some essential oils to enhance the already heady aroma
  • A decorative bowl if you'd like to display your potpourri or a pretty organza bag, if you'd rather have your potpourri nestled in the folds of fabric
  • A brown paper bag
  • A sheet of newspaper
  • A clip or peg

Simply dry the wilted petals on some paper in the sun for about a week, giving them a mix daily. When they've dried out, add a dash of your essential oil and give them a mix. Then place them in a brown paper bag and seal the bag with a paperclip or peg, giving them a shake daily for the next 4-6 weeks. Make sure your brown bag isn't in direct sunlight though. When your potpourri's been "seasoned", you can rest them wherever your heart desires. As the beautiful scent diminishes, you can add a dash of essential oil and give them a mix to perk them up again.

Have fun and remember to post your pics on our Facebook page

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