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How to grow orchids – great advice from NetFlorist

How to grow orchids – great advice from NetFlorist

Grow beautiful orchids with tips and tricks from NetFlorist

Orchids, or Orchidaceae, could probably considered to be one of the most exotic flowering plants in the world. These beautiful flowering plants come in a variety of beautiful, colourful flowers and can be very fragrant too. Orchids are very elegant and is often seen at weddings or in offices, because of their elegance and beauty.

It is widely believed, however, that these plants are very difficult to grow, with some people even mentioning that they are professional orchid killers. But, growing orchids do not have to be difficult. In fact, growing an orchid is about as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you are a beginner, start with orchids that are easy to grow. These orchids include the Cattleya, Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum orchid. This way you can practice your orchid growing skills and can be an expert orchid grower in no time.  

Here’s how to grow orchids and how to care for orchids from the experts at NetFlorist:

1.  Once you have chosen your orchid, you should remember that orchids won’t grow in any old soil. Orchids, like women, need special care in order to grow to their full potential. To grow an orchid, one should use bark chips, charcoal, perlite, moss and coconut husks as potting soil. At NetFlorist, there is no need for you to buy soil for orchids, because we have already potted our orchids in the perfect soil for orchids, already making it easier for you to keep these orchids alive.
2.  In order for an orchid to grow and reach their full beauty, place your orchid in a well-aired space with plenty of light. It is also important to place your orchids in spaces where you can regulate temperature because orchids grow best in temperatures ranging between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius.
3.  Ensure that your orchids get enough sunlight, but do not over expose these beauties to vitamin D.  Direct sunlight can burn the flowers and cause them to die, so it is best to keep your orchid flowers in indirect sunlight. This means that you should keep your orchids in spaces that are well-lit by natural light. To test whether your orchids are getting enough sunlight, take a leave from their book (ha ha). If the leaves are bright green, they are getting the perfect amount of sunshine. If the leaves turn a dark, icky green, then there is not enough vitamin D in those puppies and if the leaves are brownish, they are getting too much sunshine. Monitor the leaves and move your orchid accordingly.
4.  Do not over water your orchids. Orchid flowers should be watered once every 5 to 12 days. During the summer, you might need to water orchids more often, but it is best to only water the orchids once in a while. If the leaves are thick, your orchid might need a little more water. Less is more when it comes to orchids.
5.  Fertilize your orchids about once a month, but not more. Fertilizer can burn the orchids.
6.  Keep your orchids in humid places. Orchids are tropical plants and will grow great in humid places.

And there you have it, great tips and tricks for ensuring that your orchids stay beautiful from the day you received it.

If you are looking to buy orchids online in South Africa, simply visit NetFlorist and buy orchids online.

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