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Making Gifting Together Simple!

When it comes to getting together with a bunch of friends and family members and pooling in together to buy that gift for someone special, it can be…well.. awkward. There’s nothing worse than having to practically beg people for money, and other than that, how do you decide who makes the initial payment?

With GiftTogether, a new NetFlorist initiative, this will be a thing of the past as we make it easier for you to buy a gift together with others.

How does GiftTogether work?

·  Once you have chosen your gift and you get to the payment window, simply select the ‘Share the costs with GiftTogether’ option.
·  Upon clicking this button, a popup will appear requesting the details of the Co-Gifters that you want to add to the gifting group.
·  Fill in the details of each Co-Gifter. The price of the gift is then automatically divided by the amount of Co-Gifters you have chosen.
·  Complete your share of the payment.
·  Your Co-Payers will receive an email instantly, explaining the GiftTogether payment and giving them the details of the gift and the amount that they need to pay.
·  He/she will click the Pay Now button, which will direct them to the NetFlorist login/register page. They will then either log in or create a NetFlorist account and be directed to the Payment page.
·  As a Co-Gifter pays their share, every participant will receive a confirmation email of their payment. Once every Co-Gifter has paid their portion, the order will automatically be live and sent through to our hub for preparation.

So go on, get those buddies of yours together and make gift giving all the more special!
Learn more about NetFlorist's various payment methods here.

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