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Flowers are a must at any wedding, buy wedding flowers online at NetFlorist

Flowers are a must at any wedding, buy wedding flowers online at NetFlorist

Buying a beautiful bouquet for the bride, visit NetFlorist

Once you’ve said “Yes” and you’ve got that most excellent, sparkly ring on your finger you set your radar to finding the perfect dress, you scour the cities, beaches and country clubs for the perfect location and you wrack your brains to come up with the perfect menu that will not offend your fruitarian uncle moonshine but will satisfy your carnivorous brother-in-law to be. Not to mention finding the perfect song for you father daughter dance – and no we don’t think that the Hokey Pokey will set the right tone.

Finally once you have the big things ticked off on your epic list of matrimonial things to do a little way down the list – after colour schemes and if you are that type of person whether or not you’ll have a winter wonderland theme or a hunting themed wedding with “Camo” here and “Camo” there and “Camo” absolutely everywhere. Once you have picked your theme and your colour scheme you will need to find the perfect flowers. 

Flowers are one of the most important aspects of the wedding – yes even more important than the dress and sometimes even the bride (ok now you know we’re lying nothing is more important than the bride, nope not even the groom).

Once you have decided that you need to buy flowers for you wedding, whether it is the bridal bouquet, wedding bouquets – you know for all those pesky bridesmaids – even the wedding flowers that will decorate the church and the tables for the wedding reception

Weddings are such a stressful time as it is with the ever present temptation to turn in to a bridezilla. NetFlorist is here to save mothers of the bride, bridesmaids and the groom from temper tantrums because the roses are not the right shade of mauve and it won’t compliment the ivory of the roses that she’s having flown in especially from Kenya! Don’t worry, take a breath and before that vein in her neck starts to throb send her in the direction of NetFlorist’s weddings and functions page. Not only are we the number one same day gifting site in South Africa but we also cater and design functions for weddings, now instead of interviewing florist after florist and rejecting them because she didn’t like his voice or her hair bothered her you can buy all your wedding flowers online from us. Saving you time, saving you money (now you can cancel your therapist) and making sure your wedding planning is Bridezilla free.

Organizing flowers for a wedding has never ever been this easy. Simply visit our site (NetFlorist.co.za in case all the stress is getting to you and you’ve forgotten where you are) and click on our Weddings and Functions tab, all of a sudden Bob’s your uncle and you have  beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets for your wedding.

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