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Celebrate New babies the old fashioned way – Buy her flowers.

Celebrate New babies the old fashioned way – Buy her flowers.

Shop Online for gender specific baby flowers

Giving birth to a new baby is a bit like winning a nine month endurance race, so it is only fitting that mom should be given a prize – besides her new mewling infant that is snuggled close to her chest naturally. It is a widely acknowledged tradition that when hearing about a birth it is our first thought to send a congratulatory gift   to the proud parents, the bursting grandparents and the family dog. Tradition also dictates that the congratulatory gift for the new mom should be of a floral arrangement. It seems a bit unfair doesn’t it that after the birth of baby, dad gets cigars, whisky, champagne and nights out with the boys when all mum and baby get are flowers… although we suppose that mum and the little tyke do get a whole heap of swag at the baby shower so if we’re being really honest it does all even out.

But that is beside the point the point is that when buying flowers for a baby (the mother really since baby can only see about 30cms in front of its face) the first place to stop is at NetFlorist.  At NetFlorist (SA’s favourite online florist) you will find the cutest baby flowers, for little baby boys and little baby girls.

We all know that when buying a bouquet of flowers for a mum that has had a baby girl, we generally buy anything and everything that we can find in pink and blue is for boys. But what quite a few people do not know is that as far back as the 1800’s baby’s clothes were white and gender differences weren’t specified or distinguished until the babes could walk.

The exact origin of pink for baby girls and blue for boys isn’t exactly known but our super sleuths are certain that it is in the last 100yrs – give or take a decade. Whenever pink for girls and blue for boys became the trend isn’t particularly important in the grand scheme of things. What is important however is finding the perfect flowers for a baby boy or girl.
Fortunately for us, Mother Nature provides flowers for both genders so that if your best friend has a bouncing bundle of twins and one happens to be a girl and the other, well the other happens to be a boy, you can still get mum a flower arrangement for both babies. But wait there’s more – yes truly - if you place your order before 12pm South African time we can deliver your pink and blue new baby arrangement the very same day.

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