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Flowers for Him-Buy Online-NetFlorist

Flowers for Him-Buy Online-NetFlorist

Buy and send him flowers from NetFlorist with Same Day Delivery

Flowers and men don’t really go together unless you are expressing sympathy or wishing them good luck, of course in  life and as with French irregular verbs, there are exceptions to the rule and some men do appreciate getting flowers, whether they are potted plants, cacti or a bunch of roses. In short, what we are trying to say is that it is perfectly fine to buy flowers for men.

There are many occasions when you may need to buy a floral gift for a man, he may be a brother or a best friend, he may even be the love of your life or possibly not in hospital. But wherever he is you will be at some point searching the recesses of your brain for an idea for a gift for him and there will be that moment that you are just about ready to tear your hair out and you will be at your wits end rocking yourself backwards and forwards in a corner with tears streaming down your cheeks as you repeat over and over to yourself “Why? Why? WHY?” (Yes we realise that the “dramatic jazz hands are in overdrive but we need to prove our point). But then you’ll have your light bulb moment, a switch will flip in your brain and you will have a moment of clarity, “NetFlorist” you will say to yourself, wipe your nose on your sleeve, shake off the tears, straighten your shoulders and gallop across the room to your computer and log on to your NetFlorist account (if you don’t yet have one shame on you) and find the perfect flowers for him online

Once you have logged on or created an account, the rest is as easy as falling out of a tree or getting your sleeve caught on a door handle. Simply search, choose and click, it’s easy; we have big bunches, small bunches, bouquets, vases and moss baskets.

We deliver all over South Africa door to door, 6 days a week on the same day (if you are organised enough to have placed your order before 12pm South African time). If you are separated from him by the ocean or a border check point Charlie you can still buy flowers for him and show him that you love him and send flowers overseas.  NetFlorist uses a PFN for outlying areas (here in SA) and internationally.

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Flowers for him

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