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Great Flowers for Kids

Great Flowers for Kids

Buy flowers for Kids - Boy or Girl - Online Florist at NetFlorist

When people send flowers to kids they have generally just popped out of their mother or delivered by the stork, and they are generally accompanied by proclamations, “It’s a Girl!” or “Congratulations on your bouncing baby boy”. Although truthfully these flowers are for the proud mama and papa seeing as little Junior can’t even raise its head and open its eyes let alone appreciate a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Having said that, sending any sort of anything to a new born is probably for the benefit of the parents or to be used and appreciated later.

Which is why, we at NetFlorist think – nay, knows, that if you want to send flowers to a kid or several it is a good idea to wait until they don’t have to sing the “come and wipe my bum” song, and they can appreciate the fun of receiving flowers and gifts.

NetFlorist, South Africa’s favourite florist and now with an online gifting site, has great flowers that your kids will enjoy – not as much as they’d enjoy the toys we have on our site but you knew that, didn’t you? We have pink flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers and cute little cacti with googly eyes. And the great thing about a cactus is that it is very difficult to kill them. They’re like the plant equivalent to guppies or silk worms. They make the perfect addition to a child’s windowsill.

Of course if you want to give a kid a flower that they’ll really get excited about you could always send them an edible arrangement or two. Although we think it would be better to just keep it to one edible arrangement per kid. Some of our edible arrangements even come with a teddy bear. It’s like we have made the perfect gifts for kids, chocolates and teddies all in one kid friendly gift.

Of course if your kid suffers from diabetes, you might want to reconsider the chocolate and go for the next best gift of a bunch of roses in a black box – really beautiful and whimsical for a child’s gift.

The other reason flowers make the perfect gifts for children is that they don’t make an awful noise, they don’t flash and they DON’T hide in plush carpets waiting to skewer you in the arch of your foot when you make your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night as so many lego blocks have don’t in the past. Plus they will eventually die and start to smell (the flowers not the kids) and you get to chuck them out unlike toys that loose the flashing lights or the ability to drive parents mad with an incessant “nee naw nee naw nee naw”. Those gifts will sit behind the sofa gathering dust and making your home a nightmare for people with allergies or asthma.

Shop for all your favourite flowers for kids with NetFlorist now.

Flowers and Gifts for Kids
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