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floral frequently asked questions

floral frequently asked questions

All your flower queries answered

Why are my flowers not open yet?

We do everything we possibly can to bring you the freshest flowers, this means that sometimes your flowers will arrive in bud or will not yet be in full bloom. This is to ensure you can enjoy your beautiful flowers for the longest time possible. If your flowers have arrived in bud there’s no need to panic, just trim the stems and add water and the buds will start to open after a day or two. We have a detailed cut flower care guide here.
Flowers that arrive in bud include:

My flowers don’t look like the picture! Why?

Flowers are natural products, which means variations and imperfections may occur. Due to product availability or design interpretation our floral may vary slightly. However, all our florists work diligently to ensure every order is as similar as possible to the image advertised on our site.

Why doesn’t my plant look like the picture?

Just like people, plants grow at different speeds and no two plants are even completely identical. Although variations and imperfections may occur, our florists do their very best to ensure every plant we send out looks as similar as possible to the image advertised on our site.

How do I keep my cut flowers fresh for as long as possible?

Our expert florists have created a helpful guide to help you care for your cut flowers and get the most bloom for your buck. You can read ithere.

I keep killing my plants, can you help me?

Don’t worry, we won’t judge! We know that not everyone has green fingers, that’s why our expert florists have created a guide to help you care for your plant. We also recommend getting a succulent or cactus, they are hardy plants that require little care.

Why do my flowers look small and closed?

Because we are committed to bringing you the freshest flowers with the longest lasting blooms most of our flowers are not yet in full bloom when they are delivered to you. Put your flowers in a vase and give them some sun and in a day or two they will be blooming spectacularly! If after allowing your flowers a little time to show you their beauty, you are still unhappy please contact our call centre and we will do everything we can to assist you.

Why do my Abracadabra Roses not look like the picture?

Abracadabra Roses get their name from the way they bloom. They are a variegated rose with a very small bud, however after a few days they open into generous and beautiful blooms. It is completely normal for your Abracadabra Roses to arrive looking small and sickly, they will bloom into beautiful red flowers with gold specks. Put your flowers in a vase and give them some sun and in a day or two they will be blooming spectacularly!

Why do some of my Vintage Lilac Rose’s petals look brown and dead?

This is how they are supposed to look. Vintage lilac roses are called this because of the antique colour on the outer part of the flower. The outer leaves of this lovely lilac rose are sepia coloured, resembling an old photo or a letter whose edges have been burnt.

Why do my sunflowers look small and scrunched up?

Sunflowers, as their name suggests, need sunlight to bloom to their full potential. If you put your sunflowers in a vase and give them some sunlight, in a day or two they will be blooming spectacularly!

Why isn’t my blue orchid blue anymore?

Because less than 10 percent of the 280,000 species of flowering plants produce blue flowers, we’ve had to use a little bit of science and magic to create our blue orchids. Our florists have turned a white Phalaenopsis Orchid a breath taking blue hue by infusing it with a patented dye formula. Because these orchids are created with dye at the end of the orchid’s flowering cycle all subsequent flowers will be white. We promise we haven’t just painted the petals blue! The dye is a carefully designed and patented formula which requires an experienced professional to perform the infusion as the dye can be harmful or deadly to the plant if not introduced correctly. This is a tedious and painstaking process that involves a lot of TLC, but it’s all worth it to bring you a beautiful blue orchid.

What exactly is a preserved rose?

NetFlorist's preserved roses are the same delightful roses you’ve come to love, but they are put through a chemical treatment to make them last longer. These gorgeous roses are then coloured with natural dyes that ensure that they remain as vibrant as when they are first received! They are also infused with natural perfumes to make a sweet-scented gift for a loved one.

Why are there droplets appearing on the petals and stems of my preserved roses?

When preserved roses are placed in humid places, droplets of preservative and dye can form on them. There’s no need to panic, though; they’re still okay. Just place them in a warm and dry place overnight, and they’ll be back to their original niceness!

How long do preserved roses last?

NetFlorist's preserved roses last for a minimum of 6 months, and have an estimated life span of a year. They stay as bright and beautiful as when they were sent, but their sweet fragrance may fade slightly over time.

How do I take care of preserved roses?

Our preserved roses aren’t fussy at all! But like ordinary fresh roses, they are fragile and delicate. Make sure to handle them with care, and as little as possible. Do not water or mist them; they’ll be perfectly fine without water. Simply put them on display and allow them to live out their season of beauty!

What do I do if I’m unhappy with my flowers?

If either you or the recipient are not 100% satisfied with your floral gift you can call our customer service team and we will gladly assist you. We offer two options for resolving floral product complaints:
  • Collect and replace
  • Collect and refund

What are your floral T's and C's?

You can read our full range of Ts and Cs here, but we’ve included a few floral specific Ts and Cs here for your convenience.
  • Even though our florists select only the freshest flowers, please note that delivered floral products may vary slightly in appearance when compared to images on the website. This is due to the nature of the product as natural imperfections and variations do occur.
  • Due to stock availability, our florists reserve the right to substitute flowers, vases, products and outer wrapping with an item of similar style and equivalent (or greater) value and quality. Where possible and if the substitution is significant, we will try to contact you to inform you of any substitutions, but we are not obligated to do so. If we are unable to contact you via the contact methods provided prior to the time that we make up your order, we will assume that you accept the substitution. If you wish to discuss any substitutions we have made, please contact our customer service team.
  • If upon receiving our floral or gift creation, you or that special someone is not 100% satisfied, let our customer service team know within 48 hours and we will gladly collect and replace it at our expense or collect it and provide you with a refund.
  • All refunds will take between three to ten working days to reflect.
  • Refunds can only be given to the account holder (sender) and not the recipient of the gift.
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