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A delightful gift idea for Secretary’s Day could be a personalised notebook, a box of chocolates, or some cute flowers in a mug. But what about a gift that can be nurtured, like a plant gift? Whether you go for a gorgeously bulb-shaped tulip or a brilliantly cured bonsai tree, a plant is a beautiful gift to give to your hardworking administrator! They'll have something to admire and amuse them during their work day. This Secretary’s Day 2022, make sure you show your utmost appreciation and gratitude for the office ninja that makes everybody’s lives easier. They always know what's happening and help keep everyone on track and organised! They go above and beyond to keep the office afloat and deserve a special gift from you! So, go ahead and order a Secretary’s Day gift online and NetFlorist will deliver them nationwide, including to areas such as Vorna Valley, Kyalami and Blue Hills!


R100 R1200
R100 R1200
flowers: Amaryllis in Bark Chips!
Amaryllis in Bark Chips sold out
Amaryllis in Bark Chips Code: NPL1859 200783292
flowers: Begonia Basket With Gourmet Snacks!
Begonia Basket With Gourmet Snacks sold out
Begonia Basket With Gourmet Snacks Code: NPL2729 200817350
flowers: Begonia Ice Bucket Gift!
Begonia Ice Bucket Gift sold out
Begonia Ice Bucket Gift Code: NPL2731 200817353
flowers: Black Zantedeschia in White Vase!
Black Zantedeschia in White Vase sold out
Code: NETPL865 200745109
flowers: Cacti and Succulents in Tall Vase!
Cacti and Succulents in Tall Vase sold out
Code: NETPL894 200770325
flowers: Casablanca Lily in white paper!
Casablanca Lily in white paper sold out
Code: NETPL1082 200752725
flowers: Casablanca Pot Plant!
Casablanca Pot Plant sold out
Code: NETPL1069 200752723
flowers: Ceramic Owl with Succulent!
Ceramic Owl with Succulent sold out
Code: NETPL1624 200768064
flowers: Cerise Cyclamen in Black Pot!
Cerise Cyclamen in Black Pot sold out
Cerise Cyclamen in Black Pot Code: NPL2696 200808147
flowers: Cerise Cyclamen in Purple Pot!
Cerise Cyclamen in Purple Pot sold out
Cerise Cyclamen in Purple Pot Code: NPL2697 200808148
flowers: Double Daffodil Plant Basket!
Double Daffodil Plant Basket sold out
Code: NETPL1556 200767418
flowers: Dream Big Anthurium Plant!
Dream Big Anthurium Plant sold out
Dream Big Anthurium Plant Code: NPL1916 200815387
flowers: Elegant White Potted Orchid!
Elegant White Potted Orchid sold out
Elegant White Potted Orchid Code: NPL2015 200793927
flowers: Elegant White Tulip Plant!
Elegant White Tulip Plant sold out
Elegant White Tulip Plant Code: NPL2166 200818673
flowers: Fern in Glazed Cream Pot!
Fern in Glazed Cream Pot sold out
Fern in Glazed Cream Pot Code: NPL2307 200798221
flowers: Ficus Robusta in Two Toned Ceramic Pot!
Ficus Robusta in Two Toned Ceramic Pot sold out
Ficus Robusta in Two Toned Ceramic Pot Code: NPL2531 200814282
flowers: Fragrant Lavender Gift Basket!
Fragrant Lavender Gift Basket sold out
Fragrant Lavender Gift Basket Code: NPL2114 200799755
flowers: Glamorous African Violet Terrarium!
Glamorous African Violet Terrarium sold out
Glamorous African Violet Terrarium Code: NPL1875 200783298
flowers: Grow Your Own Bonsai Vibrant Sensations!
Grow Your Own Bonsai Vibrant Sensations sold out
Grow Your Own Bonsai Vibrant Sensations Code: NPL2418 200809660
flowers: Growing Love Baobab Tree!
Growing Love Baobab Tree sold out
Growing Love Baobab Tree Code: NPL2760 200818669
flowers: Lavender Gift Combo!
Lavender Gift Combo sold out
Lavender Gift Combo Code: NPL2144 200799760
flowers: Life In Full Bloom African Violet!
Life In Full Bloom African Violet sold out
Life In Full Bloom African Violet Code: NPL2347 200802563
flowers: Lush Sanseveria Plant!
Lush Sanseveria Plant sold out
Lush Sanseveria Plant Code: NPL2297 200798226
flowers: Mini Gerbera Plant in Blue Striped Pot!
Mini Gerbera Plant in Blue Striped Pot sold out
Code: NETPL1675 200772572
flowers: Mini Gerbera Plant in Lace Pot!
Mini Gerbera Plant in Lace Pot sold out
Code: NETPL1659 200769713
flowers: Mothers Day Orchid In Cobalt Bowl!
Mothers Day Orchid In Cobalt Bowl sold out
Mothers Day Orchid In Cobalt Bowl Code: MDNPL1885 200805004
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Any green-thumbed secretary will be delighted to receive a gift that has a long lifespan, like a plant! NetFlorist’s plant gifts for Secretaries Day include lush lavender plants, iridescent African violets, cheerful orchid flowering plants and graceful begonias. With such an amazing range to choose from, it's no wonder that plants are one of our best Secretary’s Day ideas! You can put our gifts to the 'desk' and see how your administrative professional reacts! 

But of course, we have several other unique gifts that will put a huge grin on their face! Nothing beats the personal touch that comes with a personalised gift, and boy, oh boy, do we have plenty! From the smallest and simplest gifts, like personalised candles and personalised candy jars, to fancy homeware gifts and personalised desk fridges, there's something in store for them! Take the time to add a motivating message on their present or simply add their name to the gift.

Tasty treats are also a lovely way to say, ‘happy Secretary’s Day’. Spoil them with the sweetest gift ever like chocolates, or give them a gift filled with a little bit of everything like a gourmet hamper. If you would like to lift their spirits on this special occasion, a gift of personalised alcohol, like fine wine or champagne, is the perfect way to do so.

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