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Flower Types

Flower Types

Get nationwide same day delivery of flowers and gifts in South Africa  with a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you order from NetFlorist.co.za

Types of flowers

If a flower blooms in the florist and no one is there to see it… Just kidding! No flower goes unnoticed at NetFlorist. We are firm believers that you can’t go wrong with a well-timed bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s for a loved one, a family member, or one of your “buds”, NetFlorist has an impressive collection of assorted floral gifts for any and all occasions.

Flowers are wonderful because they brighten up the space around them, they bring a little life to the area, and they also each have their own special meaning. Here’s a short guide on our NetFlorist variety:

•   Roses: When the right moment presents itself, you’ll want to be able to say that you “rose” to the occasion. Each rose colour has its own meaning. The red rose is the lover’s rose and symbolises passion. The yellow rose expresses joy and abundance. The white rose signifies purity and innocence. And the pink rose symbolises gratitude, appreciation and admiration. There are multiple colours to choose from. Browse online for the perfect rose for your occasion.

•  Daisies: The daisy holds a simplistic beauty. The white daisy specifically represents innocence and purity. They represent cheerfulness and new beginnings. They also make the perfect pairing flower for many other flowers in mixed arrangements and bouquets. Gift dem gifts until daisy how much they mean to you! Grab a bouquet of daisies from our online store and expect sameday delivery nationwide!

•  Carnations: What in carnation is that? These detailed flowers can be found in a wide variety of colours. Carnations in general usually represent love and distinction; but each colour has its own meaning. White carnations express love and good luck, and red symbolises admiration and affection. Carnations come in many, many different colours; even variegated (which is the fancy way of saying multi-coloured). If you’re looking for carnation arrangements, or paired with a gift, look no further! Browse our floral selection now!

•  Sunflowers: These happy flowers have a rich history and many different meanings. They represent long life, adoration, loyalty and positivity. Sunflowers are big, bold and beautiful! They can be found in many of our gifts and bouquets! Shop online today and spread the love.

•  Lilies: The lily was once believed to have been sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. White lilies symbolise purity, devotion, wealth and prosperity. Purchase a lily for a loved one through NetFlorist and experience the luxury of sameday delivery!

•  Orchids: The royalty of the flower world, orchids are exotic, delicate and magnificent. They represent love, strength and beauty.

To order flowers online, simply logon to NetFlorist and get shopping now! Order flowers today.








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