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NetJewel Care

NetJewel Care

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Caring for your Jewellery

To keep your jewellery in good condition we recommend professional inspection regularly (actual timing will depend on wear). Gemstones and precious metals are gifts of nature, which need special care. Even though a gem may be millions of years old, once mined and worn, it is exposed to conditions and chemicals that can damage it. Please take note of the following care instructions for your jewellery:

  • Do not wear jewellery when doing housework or gardening.
  • Do not store your jewellery in one drawer. Keep each item separate in a jewellery box, ideally individually wrapped thus ensuring they do not scratch each other.
  • Check for loose stones frequently.
  • Clean your jewellery frequently to maintain its sparkle and beauty; do not use toothpaste as its abrasives can damage softer gems and metals.
  • For the best results when cleaning your jewellery we recommend you use jewellery cleaner (follow the instructions on the box), or use mild soap, warm water and gently wash afterwards. It is extremely important to rinse jewellery in lukewarm running water after cleaning and dry thoroughly. Certain items require special care so please familiarise yourself with the care your jewellery requires.


All NetJewel chains and bracelets are only manufactured by the most reputable factories. Due to the nature of the item it is delicate and will get damaged or break if not treated with care.

  • Do not bend the item to the point where it will break.
  • Do not pull the item as it will break.
  • It must always be protected and stored in a box.
  • If broken once, the chain may continue to break as the links are weakened.
  • Not all chains can be repaired.


  • Earrings are extremely delicate in nature and must be treated with care.
  • Be careful when opening and closing the earring catch as it will break if bent or pushed too far to open.

White gold

Gold is yellow in colour, to obtain white gold, other metals e.g. palladium are added to change the yellow gold to a white colour. Rhodium is then plated on the jewellery to give the very bright white finish. It is advisable to rhodium plate white gold regularly (the frequency will depend on wear) to ensure the lustre of the white gold is held.


  • Do not expose pearls to chemicals, perfume or soap.
  • Do not knock pearls on hard surfaces.
  • When cleaning use a soft cloth with warm water only, do not use chemicals or abrasives or traditional

Jewellery Cleaner

  • Only have pearl rings sized by a qualified jeweller.
  • Restring your pearls regularly (the frequency will depend on wear).


The harder the gem, the less vulnerable it is to potential damage. A diamond is the hardest gem known to man, and it is for this reason that a “diamond is forever” but diamonds can still can be damaged without the correct care. The hardness of gemstones is based on a gem-trade standard called the “Mohs scale” developed in the early 19th century. Diamond are rated the highest at 10, rubies and sapphires are Mohs 9, emeralds and topaz 8, and garnet 7. Follow normal cleaning instructions for your gemstones. All gemstones will loose their lustre without the correct care and cleaning. Hand cream, perfume etc will cause the gemstones to look dull but regular cleaning will restore them to their original beauty.


  • Clasps have a spring inside them, which will wear over time with normal wear, and need to be replaced.
  • Clasps cannot be repaired and must be replaced when broken.

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