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Flower Tips

Flower Tips

There are few wonders as beautiful as a well grown garden, yet it takes skill and knowledge in the form of flower tips and flower advice to ensure your garden of paradise looks and grows as naturally as possible. The most common purpose for flower growing is the attempt to harness the natural beauty of your surroundings in your own environment. From growing flowers in the shade to flowers for your water feature we have some flower information and flower advice to help get the best out of your garden.

Some simple tips and advice for beginning your flower garden and the different conditions you may encounter:

Shady Area Flower Tips - these are the areas in your garden normally protected by the shade of trees and seemingly a dead-man's land for flowers. The main advice for growing flowers here is to add compost and mulch.

Water Garden Flower Advice - nothing captures the serenity of a scene better than flowers floating atop a water feature. The key piece of advice here is to either use a pump or gold fish to deal with the problem of mosquito larvae.

Rock Garden Flower Growing Tips – in order to showcase beautiful alpine flowers to achieve maximum exposure it is best to arrange this feature in a winding, staggered formation.
View our flower care tips to know how to care for your flowers.

When it comes to the growing of your own wonderland of flowers it is important to let your creativity hold the reign. A combination of some simple rules, some flower advice and tips, and a vision of what you want is the key to a successful garden of your dreams.

Flower & Plant Toxicity - There are a few flowers and plants on offer which are toxic when ingested. While our flowers and plants look good enough to eat, we advise you (as well as small children and pets) to refrain from eating any of them, with strict warnings against the following:

Toxic Flowers

  • Arum Lily

  • Iris

  • Lily

  • Million Star (Baby’s Breath/Gyp) 

  • Tulip

Toxic Plants

  • Daffodil (bulb, dangerous for pets that like to dig/burrow)

  • Hydrangea

  • Monstera (plant sap can cause skin irritations and difficulty breathing)

  • Poinsettia (plant sap can cause skin irritations and burning if in contact with eyes)

  • Hyacinth (bulb, dangerous for pets that like to dig/burrow)

If ingested, please immediately contact your local healthcare professionals. For non-emergencies, please contact South Africa's National Poison Information Centres on 021 938 9596 (Tygerberg Poisons Information Centre) or 021 658 5308 (Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital Poisons Information Centre).

How to take care of flowers

Flower Types

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