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Flower Advice

Flower Advice

Some Things Never Change, and We Would Not Want It To

A name that has been around forever is Interflora, which goes hand-in-glove with the receiving and delivery of flowers from anywhere and everywhere including Bapsfontein, Benoni, and London. Without this stalwart service, lovely bouquets of flowers would never have been sent to sisters, mothers, lovers and more both far and wide gracing sideboards and dining room tables.

Sending and receiving flowers is so much part of life here in South Africa, the same way that celebrating Birthdays, Easter, Christmas and all those other exotic festivals that South Africans are slowly becoming familiar with, such a Eid and Diwali. Naturally there are many other celebrations, and so many of these are made even more festive with the addition of flowers.

When sending parcels of love to distant loved ones in the days before technology, cellphones, Skype and computers, flowers were sent by these homesick individuals to those they loved waiting for their return. The only way that these flowers could be sent were through the local florists who used the services of Interflora to get the blooms there on time.

Sending flowers has taken on a whole new theme and flavour and sending flowers in today’s world is a pleasure – an absolute pleasure.

Visiting your online flower shop, selecting stunning blooms that would melt the hardest and most unforgiving of hearts, is easily done by choosing the arrangement, paying for it online, and having it sent via the Interflora service that still serves everyone even in this modern day of technology.

There are some things that never leave us, such as the Drive-In, Marmite, Bubble-gum, Singer Sewing Machines, Marie Biscuits and Interflora, and we will never want it any other way.

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