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Granparent's Day October 6

Published on 16 Sep 2013

If you are lucky enough to have a grandmother that always has candy in her purse and smells like baby powder and lilac soap and who gives the best hugs; if you are lucky enough to have a grandpa who pulls pennies out your ears and carried you on his shoulders when you were a little tyke then you should send your grandparents a gift and a card this grandparents day; on the 6th of October 2013 grandparents all over South Africa are going to wake up feeling like children on Christmas morn, giddy with excited anticipation to see what their beloved grandchildren have brought them, sent them or had delivered to their old age home.
 Don’t let them down; don’t make them feel like Tiny Tim or Charlie Bucket when he thought he’d lost out on the golden ticket. Send your grandparents a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful hamper; to let them know that their aroma of old cake and powder hasn’t put you off completely.
 Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to keep your grandparents happy is to send them a gift or a token of appreciation every year on grandparent’s day. If you think your grandparents are sweet enough already and don’t need a basket of sweeties and a bottle of wine (never mind that their doctor told them to steer clear of the jolly juice) to tempt their old bodies in to a diabetic coma you can simply send them a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or  bath robes; so they can laze around reading their iPads and e-books in comfort and style.
 Although not every one will get a picture perfect postcard pair of grandparents, some people might get the Dowager Duchess of Downton Abbey type of Grandparent where if you are under 25 you should be seen and not heard.
 Instead of treats you get tricked in to chores and fetching and carrying things for Grandma and instead of pennies your grandfather clouts you across the ears for being impertinent because he didn’t like the way you greeted him. The best way to get passed these types of grandparents is not to avoid them until its too late and they are a vegetable who can’t remember their name let alone yours; but to win them over with a beautiful gift and a little sweet treat; just don’t expect your miserly old folks to share their bounty with you.
 But what ever type of grandparent you have been blessed with, just remember that they love you and aren’t going to be around forever and you should treasure them while they are still here because who knows, maybe they’ll leave you a tonne of cash in their will.
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