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Picture of Skeleton Red Velvet Cupcakes! Skeleton Red Velvet Cupcakes R 249.95
Next delivery; Sat, 01 Apr
end a skeletal surprise this Halloween with these Skeletal Red Velvet Cupcakes. Six or twelve deliciously fluffy red velvet... Code: CCUP096
Picture of Halloween Cupcakes! Halloween Cupcakes R 229.95
Next delivery; Sat, 01 Apr
Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees:  "Tonight is Halloween!" Dexter... Code: CCUP066
Picture of Eerie Eyeball Doughnuts! Eerie Eyeball Doughnuts R 229.95
Next delivery; Tue, 04 Apr
Treat rather than trick a loved one this Halloween with six or twelve vanilla doughnuts, which are decorated with vanilla... Code: DON049
Picture of Halloween Chocolate Dipped Strawberries! Halloween Chocolate Dipped Strawberries R 299.95
Next delivery; Tue, 04 Apr
These boo-tiful chocolate dipped strawberries are a spooktacular gift for a friend or family member this Halloween! 12 Giant... Code: DSB038
Picture of Spooky Cookie Bouquet! Spooky Cookie Bouquet R 249.95
Next delivery; Sat, 01 Apr
'Eat, drink and be scary this Halloween with these Spooky Cookies! Vanilla cookies with orange, black, red and white idecorations... Code: CBQ026
Picture of Halloween Whisper Brownies! Halloween Whisper Brownies R 229.95
Next delivery; Tue, 04 Apr
Sweeten up someone's Halloween with these decadent Halloween Whisper Brownies. Eight sticky dark chocolate brownies are packed... Code: BROW118
Picture of Chocolaty Chocolate Pinata Cake 20cm! Chocolaty Chocolate Pinata Cake 20cm R 699.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Move over diamonds, there's a new best friend on the block! This Serious About Chocolate Piñata Cake is making everyone's... Code: CSM048
Picture of Personalised Red Velvet Skeleton Cake 20cm! Personalised Red Velvet Skeleton Cake 20cm R 449.95
Next delivery; Sat, 01 Apr
Spoil someone special with a Boo-tiful Personalised Red Velvet Skeleton Cake this Halloween. The cake is decorated with creamy... Code: CSM075
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If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)
If it's somethin' weird and it won't look good
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)

On Halloween, it is believed that on the night of the 31st of October, the lines between the world of the living and the death overlap and the dead would come back to live and create chaos amongst the living by causing sickness and ruining the crops. Sounds crazy right? Halloween is also known as the day where the death celebrates amongst the living. 
On this day, some weird and wonderful characters come out to play. Halloween celebrations are big in America, and only recently gained popularity in South Africa. Although we are not really in to all of the trick or treating, we do still enjoy dressing up and having Halloween parties. We also love getting into the Halloween … spirit … for lack of a better word by creating eats and treats that are out of this world!

At NetFlorist we are suckers for any occasion and Halloween is one of our favourites! We love dressing up and decorating the place in the scariest things imaginable. And how much fun would it be to celebrate Halloween with bakery treats? At NetFlorist, we have a range of delicious cakes for Halloween and that would make the perfect addition to any Halloween party! With a spooktacular range of delicious flavours ranging from chocolate, to delicious blueberry and passion fruit, and just about any flavour under the sun!

We also have some awesome Halloween cupcakes, doughnuts and cookie bouquets that will liven up any Halloween home, and will certainly impress both adults and kids!

All you have to do to buy bakery treats for Halloween online is to log in to your NetFlorist account and order cakes online. We will bake your Halloween cake and deliver it straight to your front door! Buy freshly baked cakes online at NetFlorist today!

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