Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Great Gifting and Floral Ideas for Any Special Occasion

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On every calendar that hangs in the kitchen or that sits on your desk there are certain days and occasions that have been crossed and circled in red ink. Despite being obligatory gift giving occasions, we all eagerly anticipate and prepare (or forget and make up for it) for a special occasion of gift giving and quality time with family and friends.

While often these occasions are gloriously lazy public holidays spent in pajamas and getting our fix of series or movies, many of them are their to remind us of the people that are always there but often go unappreciated. These special occasions are an opportunity to appreciate and bring together family and friends. Whether you're a natural or novice gift giver, NetFlorist is here to make flowers and gifts simple. When you are choosing flowers or gifts for your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin or aunt – and everyone else in between - our store is a click away.

To find out great ideas on flowers and gifting, click on the links below to see all the hints and ideas for gifts or activities on the holidays and special occasions.


Father's Day:
Flowers for Father's Day
Best-Dad-Ever Gifts
Delicious Father's Day Bakery Items

Rosh Hashanah :
Rosh Hashanah Flowers
Rosh Hashanah Gifts

Boss's Day:
Boss's Day Flowers
Gift Ideas For Bosses Day
Boss's Day Bakery Items

Pesach Flowers
Pesach Gifts

Spring Day:
Spring Day Flowers
Celebrate Spring Day with Gifts
Spring Day Bakery Treats

Flower Ideas for Christmas Day
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Bakery Treats

Mother's Day
Mother's Day Flowers
Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day Treats

Secretary's Day:
Flowers for Secretary's Day
Secretary's Day Gifts
Secretary's Day Bakery Items

Diwali Flowers
Diwali Gifts
Bakery Items for Diwali

Women's Day:
Women's Day Flowers
Women’s Day Gifts

Flowers for Eid
Gifts for Eid
Eid Bakery Items

New Year:
New Year Flowers
New Years Gifts

St Patick's Day:
Flowers for St. Patricks Day
Gifts for St Patricks Day
Bakery Items for St Patricks Day

Halloween Flowers
Halloween Gifts
Halloween Treats

Teacher's Day :
Teachers Day Flowers

Teacher's Day Gifts
Teacher's Day Bakery Treats

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Flowers
Valentine's Day Gifts
Valentine's Day Bakery Treats
Valentine's Day Perfume
Valentine's Day Jewellery

Grandparent’s Day
Grandparent’s Day Flowers
Grandparent’s Day Gifts
Grandparent’s Day Bakery Treats


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Symmetrical cream roses in a pottery vase Arrangement of Cream Roses R 389.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Roses arranged in ceramic pot. A stylish statement gift, guaranteed to make an impact. Code: NETEA1
Seasonal pot plant in a basket Plant with Flower Arrangement in a Basket R 499.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
A gift with longevity, this woven basket has a pot plant and flowers, making this gift suitable for men or women no matter... Code: NETC23
Picture of Pink Lilies and Cerise Roses in a Vase ! Pink Lilies and Cerise Roses in a Vase R 499.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Send this perfect, pink arrangement of pink lilies and cerise roses in a vase to your friend or colleague as a thoughtful... Code: NETSP723
Bouquet of white st Joseph lilies in brown paper Lovely Lilies R 279.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Bouquet of fragrant white St. Joseph lilies. Always seen as classic, they make a wonderful good-for-all-purposes gift. Code: NETBQ008
Picture of Colour Burst Bouquet! Colour Burst Bouquet R 339.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Colour is the name of the game with this gorgeous bouquet of mini gerberas, sprays, roses, and golden rods. Displayed in... Code: NETSP1295
Fruit and flower basket Fresh Fruit and Flower Basket R 299.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
If you now of someone in need of a little cheering up, this fresh Fruit and Flower Basket is the ideal gift to brighten anyone... Code: NETD35
Picture of Pink and Purple Floral Surprise! Pink and Purple Floral Surprise R 549.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
This burst of pink and purple beauty will make anyone's day! An arrangement of pink and purple tulips, roses, sprays, leather... Code: NETSP2856
Picture of Personalised Doughnuts 1 to 9 Letters! Personalised Doughnuts 1 to 9 Letters R 199.95
Next delivery; Wed, 26 Jul
What sweeter way is there to send a message to a friend or family member than with doughnuts? The Bakery is proud to bring... Code: DON100
Red Roses in Craft Paper R 299.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
It has been said that love is like a red rose. If you are looking to show your romantic feelings to a special someone... Code: NETSP309
Bouquet of mixed seasonal bright flowers in cellophane Mixed Bouquet of Bright Flowers R 359.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Say thank you, congrats, happy birthday or anything else for that matter with this cheerful bouquet of mixed bright flowers... Code: NETBQ001
Picture of Thank You Cookie Tin! Thank You Cookie Tin R 269.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Take time to be kind and say thank you! With this Thank You Cookie Tin, you cannot go wrong! Made up of 10 delicious and... Code: CCT005
Mixed rose bouquet Mixed Roses in Craft Paper R 299.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
A floral display of mixed roses in cellophane, beautiful bouquet to send to someone special. Code: NETNV006-1
Picture of Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Combo Box! Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Combo Box R 199.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Jul
A box filled with all your chocolaty guilty pleasures. With 6 of your favourite freshly baked cupcake flavours: vanilla choc... Code: CCUP027
Picture of Rainbow Temptation Macaroon Combo Box! Rainbow Temptation Macaroon Combo Box R 199.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
If you love someone as much as the French love their macaroons then this is the perfect gift to spoil your special person... Code: CMAC005
Picture of Enchanted Abracadabra Rose Bouquet! Enchanted Abracadabra Rose Bouquet R 189.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Show your loved one just how mesmerised you are by them, their beauty and their love and send them this Enchanted Abracadabra... Code: NETSP2312
Picture of Mix Pink Flower Basket! Mix Pink Flower Basket R 499.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
A mix of pink flowers arranged in a woven basket. This classic gift idea is ideal for an anniversary, a get well soon or... Code: NETSP821
Mixed Daisies in a Pottery Vase Petite Mixed Daisies in a Pottery Vase Petite R 199.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
We've created this colourful arrangement of mixed daisies in a pottery vase for you to send to someone special. As the saying... Code: NETSP370-4
Assorted Lily Mix R 199.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
Asiflorum lilies are a cross between asiatic and trumpet lilies, making them a real sight to behold. Surprise someone near... Code: NETSP289
Picture of Light Purple Flirt Bouquet! Light Purple Flirt Bouquet R 309.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
The perfect gift for the purple lovers in our life — a gorgeous bouquet of vintage Memory Lane purple roses accented with... Code: NETSP2540
Picture of Cerise Roses in a Vase! Cerise Roses in a Vase R 499.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Jul
A floral display of cerise roses in a glass vase, this arrangement is available in 12, 24, 36 or 48. Surprise a girlfriend... Code: NETSP619

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