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Although an unusual gift by conventional standards, a cactus is a fantastic keepsake. They symbolise endurance, and they can pretty much survive anywhere. They need little maintenance, and look great in any setting! If you want to get someone a prickly prezzie, we have a range of different cacti to choose from - whether you want one in a plain and simplistic cement pot, or a cute characterful ceramic owl, perhaps a succulent inside a terrarium, or in a vase... we have it all! Order today and expect sameday delivery countrywide!

plants: Ultimate Zen Arrangement! Ultimate Zen Arrangement sold out
Code: NETPL682 200734425
plants: Trio of Cacti in a Large Jar ! Trio of Cacti in a Large Jar sold out
These sweet succulent cacti might look good enough to eat, sweetly presented in a glass jar but sadly they look better than... Code: NETPL313 200707440
plants: Trick or Treat Cactus in Black Vase! Trick or Treat Cactus in Black Vase sold out
Code: NETPL1748 200771925
plants: Three is a Crowd Cacti Planter! Three is a Crowd Cacti Planter sold out
This wicker basket filled with shrubs and 3 tall cacti plants. Code: NETPL332 200707980
Jhb and Pta only
plants: The Calming Cacti!
The Calming Cacti R 289.95
Next delivery: Today
Shop Now Code: NETPL683 200734426
plants: Succulent in Ceramic Beetle! Succulent in Ceramic Beetle sold out
Code: NETPL1634 200769147
plants: Single Cactus in a White Planter! Single Cactus in a White Planter sold out
Don't let these spikes fool you; this sweet little cactus will make the perfect gift to make someone smile. Code: NETPL230 200705672
plants: Nine Cacti in Brightly Coloured Pots! Nine Cacti in Brightly Coloured Pots sold out
Share the love with easy to please cacti in different pots - these make great little keepsakes and "just because" gifts. Code: NETPL237 200705674
plants: Miniature Cactus in a Glass Jar! Miniature Cactus in a Glass Jar sold out
Are you sitting at your desk looking for something sweet to send to someone sweet "just because"? This adorably small cactus... Code: NETPL311 200707438
plants: Mini Cactus in Round Vase! Mini Cactus in Round Vase sold out
Mini cacti set in a natural pot, surrounded by white pebbles. The gift comes in a round glass vase. This thoughtful gift... Code: NETPL118 200693498
plants: Garden Cacti in Pottery Vase! Garden Cacti in Pottery Vase sold out
A cereamic pot holding a mini cacti garden, the perfect gift any plant loving person. Send this plant as a birthday gift... Code: NETPL131 200695598
plants: Flowering Cacti Vase! Flowering Cacti Vase sold out
A cute gift of flowering cacti set in a bowl. The cacti usually flower in shades of red, pinks and purples. Great for a person... Code: NETPL105 200693502
plants: Cute Cactus Gift! Cute Cactus Gift sold out
Code: NETPL376 200723859
Jhb, Pta and Dbn
plants: Creative Cacti Tray!
Creative Cacti Tray R 439.95
Next delivery: Today
Shop Now A wooden tray filled with succulents all tied together. Something special to nature the special one in your life. Code: NETPL328 200707976
plants: Calming Cactus Vase! Calming Cactus Vase sold out
Code: NETPL1011 200748934
Jhb, Pta, Ct and Dbn
plants: Cactus Garden!
Cactus Garden R 239.95
Next delivery: Today
Shop Now Code: NETPL106 200693503
plants: Cactus and Succulent House! Cactus and Succulent House sold out
Code: NETPL1475 200764419
Jhb, Pta, Ct and Dbn
plants: Cacti in Ceramic Pot!
Cacti in Ceramic Pot R 239.95
Next delivery: Today
Shop Now Three miniature cacti plants set in pots. The cacti are presented in a ceramic pot that can also be used for other purposes... Code: NETPL107 200693499
Jhb and Pta only
plants: Cacti Garden!
Cacti Garden R 189.95
Next delivery: Today
Shop Now A pail planter with a mini cacti garden set inside, an ideal gift to send to a loved one for their birthday or on a cloudy... Code: NETPL130 200695602
plants: Cacti Combo in Basket! Cacti Combo in Basket sold out
Something else for dad, brother on their birthday.This wicker planter includes two cacti plants. Ready to be delivered to... Code: NETPL330 200707977
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