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Picture of DKNY Be Delicious and Fresh Blossom Perfume! DKNY Be Delicious and Fresh Blossom Perfume R 549.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Get fresh with our amazing DKNY promo! Buy a Limited Edition DKNY Be Delicious crystalline 50ml EDP OR DKNY Fresh Blossom... Code: NPP003
Picture of Dunhill Desire Red 100ml EDT! Dunhill Desire Red 100ml EDT R 699.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Launched by the design house of Alfred Dunhill in 1997, DESIRE cologne by Alfred Dunhill is a refreshing, oriental, woody... Code: NP0002-2
Picture of Davidoff Cool Water 100ml EDT(parallel import)! Davidoff Cool Water 100ml EDT(parallel import) R 799.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Launched in 1996 Cool Water was created by Pierre Bourdon in 1996 and was an instant hit and was a pioneer of perfumes with... Code: NP0045-2
Picture of Davidoff Cool Water 125ml EDT (parallel import)! Davidoff Cool Water 125ml EDT (parallel import) R 749.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Deceptively simple in composition, Cool Water is one of those masculine colognes that merges with a man's skin and reads... Code: NP0044
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The age old adage has always been love at first sight and while it may be terribly romantic, the whole idea of losing your heart in a split second, it is a slightly misleading phrase and scientists are now thinking that it is more a case of love at first smell. Recently scientists in a particularly expensive research laboratory or university in the States or the U.K have discovered that human beings are first attracted to the scent and pheromones that we give off – admit it, how many of us become that little bit more attracted to a man or women when we like how they smell, and it’s also a lot more pleasant to nestle into the neck of someone who smells like a combination of sandalwood, cinnamon and ginger with a hint of bergamot instead of someone who smells like cheese burgers, sweat and old cigarettes.
Every person young, old, middle-aged, male or female has their own scent but sometimes we choose to mask it with a fragrance, either because we are a little bit scared it smells a little bit like B.O or we just prefer to smell like a daisy, whatever the reason NetPerfume is the best place to buy your perfume and cologne online. Not only do we deliver your perfume choices nationwide the next day (stock permitting of course) but we stock only the best luxury brands available ensuring that you smell your best when you walk down the street, and that way you can catch the boy that’s caught your nose as he walked past you in the office the other morning.

Whatever the reason you need to buy perfume or cologne online – whether you are buying a gift for your hubby, trying to woo your best friend into dating you or simply wanting to bring a smile to your girlfriends face all you need to do is to visit NetPerfume , we have celebrity fragrances such as Britney Spears and David Beckham and we stock the classic perfume brands like Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels. We stock fragrances for him and fragrances for her – we don’t discriminate on this site, on NetPerfume everyone deserves to smell like a princess or a prince. Everyone deserves a chance at driving another person crazy with the way the smell and the perfume they wear. Buying perfume online is almost as fun as buying gifts and flowers online – or sending a letter through the mail –never before has this much fun been had with the click of a button unless of course you count gambling… but that’s not that fun unless you win.

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