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Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari brand in 1929. Today Ferrari is one of the big names and sponsors of Formula One. You’ve no doubt seen a luxury red Ferrari before, whether it was in real life, hearing it purr on the open road, or on a calendar behind your high school boyfriend’s bedroom door. Or, you’re one of the really lucky ones and get to drive a Ferrari to and from work every day.  The Ferrari logo is a black horse on a yellow background and is immediately recognised worldwide. In 1999, the Ferrari brand expanded to launch their first Ferrari perfume for men, Ferrari Black. This Ferrari fragrance was a success worldwide and is even one of the most coveted perfumes to date. Let’s face it, let reality hit us slap bang in the face and admit it, to ourselves and to others, most of us will probably never be able to afford a Ferrari car. The exquisite luxury will not be our wonderland. But, there is a way you can have a little Ferrari luxury in your own home. No, we’re not talking about that Ferrari key ring you put on the keys of your normal car and then using it to pick up girls at the bar, having them believe that you’re the owner of a fire-red sports car. In 2001, Ferrari launched another fragrance for men, the woody Ferrari No. 1. And in 2003 another Ferrari perfume was launched – the Ferrari Racing fragrance. Since the launch of the first Ferrari perfume, the luxury brand launched 26 perfumes to date. These perfumes, unlike the Ferrari cars, have a reasonable price tag, making this luxurious brand available to you and I. At NetFlorist, we’ve made it even easier to get your hands on Ferrari perfumes – you can now buy Ferrari fragrances online in South Africa from us. And it’s really simple to. If you’re looking to spoil the man of your dreams and buy Ferrari perfume as a gift, log in to your NetFlorist site and order Ferrari fragrances online. Our fragrance folk will wrap your gift and our dashing drivers will deliver fragrances in South Africa, to any address of your choice. Spoil the lucky man in your life with fragrances for him online from NetFlorist.

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