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Did you know that the Elizabeth Arden who started the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics empire was not born with the Elizabeth Arden and was in fact born as Florence Nightingale Graham? The name Elizabeth Arden actually comes from coining the names of a partnership entered into with Elizabeth Hubbard and from the poem Enoch Arden, written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. This, the name Elizabeth Arden was born. This named was used as her business name and her company name. Graham used a loan of $6000 from her brother to buy her first Elizabeth Arden shop on 5th Avenue in New York. Arden travelled to France where she learnt all about beauty and makeup. In 1915, she expanded her range and opened salons worldwide. Elizabeth Arden South Africa expanded into South Africa, making this iconic cosmetic brand easily accessible for us South Africans. The primary focus of the company soon moved from a cosmetics and skincare only company and in 1934 launched its first fragrance, “Blue Grass”. The company shifted their focus to Elizabeth Arden fragrances and perfumes and produces iconic Elizabeth Arden perfumes today. With 51 perfumes in the Elizabeth Arden fragrance range, it is clear why the Elizabeth Arden company is one of the most popular cosmetic companies in the world. Popular Elizabeth Arden perfumes include the iconic Red Door fragrance, now celebrating its 25 year anniversary! At NetPerfume, our online perfume shop, you can now buy perfumes from Elizabeth Arden online, bringing Elizabeth Arden fragrances straight to your fingertips. Yes, we see you behind that computer screen, secretly shopping for Elizabeth Arden Red Door online whilst you’re supposed to be working on that extremely important report you owe your boss. But a lady’s gotta smell good, right? We’re not judging you here. This is a judgement free zone, so buy Red Door online. It’s really quick and simple to buy Elizabeth Arden online in South Africa. All you need is a NetFlorist account and a little bit of cash. All you have to do to buy Elizabeth Arden perfume online is to log in to your NetFlorist account, click over to the Elizabeth Arden fragrance section and click order now. Our fragrance folk will wrap your gift and deliver it to any address of your choice. See? Easy as pie. You can place your Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume order within seconds and can get back to working on that report before your boss comes a knocking. Buy Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume online today and don’t miss out. If you can’t spoil someone else, why not spoil yourself?

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