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White Wine Gift Bucket White Wine Gift Bucket R 979.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
This stainless steel ice bucket with classy hammered effect and leather handle is every white wine lovers dream. With a selection... Code: RA1531
Picture of Backsberg Wine & Wine Cooler Hamper! Backsberg Wine & Wine Cooler Hamper R 329.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Take the act of wine gifting to the next level with this amazing gift. A bottle of Backsberg Red and Backsberg Chenin Blanc... Code: RA2322
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Roses are red, wine is also red, poems are hard, wine. Clearly wine is a favourite amongst us gifting fairies here at NetFlorist’s online gift shop (we have to unwind somehow and going paintballing everyday just isn’t an option). And because we know that wine is beverage that is loved by many a person in our country, NetFlorist’s online gift shop has an amazing range of wine gifts and hampers to buy and send online.

Wine makes for an awesome gift to buy and send online and is an appropriate gift for many occasion, take for instance the humble housewarming party…Your best friend has finally graduated from his digs that he shared with 5 other burly, somewhat pungent men and has finally moved in to a home of his own in which every surface isn’t covered in fine layer of grease and he’s throwing his first grown up housewarming party. It is only polite not so how up to this even empty handed so why not buy a bottle of wine online as a gift? A fantastic wine gift is our my best friend duo, this wine hamper comes with a bottle of red wine and white wine, chocolates, mixed nuts and biltong. As your friend is now a full-fledged adult, this a gift that he will super appreciate!

For buying and sending wine online, NetFlorist’s online gift shop is the only place to go for awesome wines and wine gifts and hampers. Wine gifts make for amazing gifts for a lot of occasions, Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, and off course “just because”, because sometimes you just gotta treat yo’self! NetFlorist’s online gift shop hates hearing people whine, that’s why we’ve got red wine, white wine, pink wine (or rosé if you’re a bit posh), sparkling wine, lots of wine to buy and send online!

At our online gift shop we are so damn good at our job that we do nationwide, next day delivery of our wine gifts and hampers. All you have to do to buy and send wine gifts around the country is logon to your favourite gifting site (yes, that would be us) and click you favourite wine gift or hamper and get sending today!  

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