Send Craft Beer Online

Oh yeah, send craft beer online

We all have that thought sometimes like “do I really want to have a beer” but then you remember that there is a super volcano located in America that is 40 000 years overdue for an eruption, and when it does erupt it could lead to a volcanic winter that kills half of the world’s population and then you realise that hell yeah you want that beer. Here at NetFlorist’s online gift shop we are well aware of the popular happenings in the world of food and drink and we know that craft beer has become a very popular beverage indeed and because of that we’ve put together a great range of craft beers to send online.

So now you’re probably thinking (apart from having that ice cold beer in mind) “why would I want to send craft beer online?” Ah, well why would you not is the answer that we’re going to give you!  Craft beer makes for an awesome gift for a guy (or a girl, we don’t discriminate) and here at NetFlorist’s online gift shop we don’t just give you a 6 pack of craft beer; no, what we do is something so wonderful it often brings a tear to many an eye- we will give you a craft beer hamper that comes with all kinds of eats and treats. For instance, if you’re looking for a gift to spoil your dad with, you can give him our craft beer and beer bread hamper, so that dad can drink his beer and eat it too!

Beer makes for a fantabulous gift to buy and send online for a guy and is an appropriate gift for many occasion, take for instance Father’s Day. This is the one day a year that is dedicated only to dad, so why not spoil him with his other love (mom being the first) a nice, cold craft beer hamper as a gift!  For buying and sending craft beer online, NetFlorist’s online gift shop is the only place to go for awesome craft beer gifts and hampers. At our online gift shop we are so damn good at our job that we do nationwide, next day delivery of our craft beer gifts and hampers. All you have to do to send craft beer around the country is logon to your favourite gifting site (yes, that would be us) and click you favourite craft beer hamper and get sending today! 

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