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At NetFlorist, we present to you Personalised Castle Lager – the gift of choice for any special occasion!

Shopping for a gift for men can be something of a trying experience. There are a bajillion and one ideas that race through your mind. There’s the ever popular sock and tie gift, there’s the fancy watch and there’s the infamous pen. These are however, very yawn inducing and out of this world boring gifts. But what about gifting him with a gift of a different kind? At NetFlorist, we know that beer is a beverage much loved by men worldwide, especially the red blooded, South African male. But we’ve decided to go one better than just regular mass produced beer! We’ve joined forces with Castle Lager to become a superhero, not unlike, Batman, or…oh, even better- Superman, of the gifting world. Yip, we are joining forces to bring you personalised Castle Lager!

If you’re looking for a gift for the manly man in your life, you definitely can’t go wrong with a customised Castle Lager gift! At NetFlorist, we don’t just send you a random old 6 pack of beers. Oh no, we make sure that your Castle Lager gift is awesome. Each Castle Customised gift comes with a customised Castle label that can include a name or special occasion as well as a personal message around the gold edge of the label.  Your customised Castle Lager will then be delivered in a specially designed carton to the guy or girl you’re spoiling!

Castle Lager is a proudly South African beer and is brewed using four home grown ingredients – barley, hops, maize and water! To make this beer, the brewers over at Castle Lager clean the barley, add water to it (steeping), let it grow (germination), and finally, pass warm air over it (kilning) to remove the water and stop the growth and thus, you and the rest of the world are given the gift that is Castle Lager!  Make him feel like a king on his birthday (or queen on hers) or surprise him on his bachelors with this legen...wait for it...dary, legendary gift! All you have to do to surprise your own guy or gal with this gift is log on to NetFlorist at and get shopping for personalised Castle Lager gifts!

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