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If you’re looking for a flavour that is as uniquely South African as the roar of a lion or the sound of a fish eagles call then look no further than the incredibly smooth and irresistible flavour of Amarula cream liqueur. This beautifully fragranced fruit is seasonal and is ‘harvested’ from January to March when the ripened fruit falls to the ground, laden with delicious possibilities – although there is a sense of urgency hanging in the air as we are not the only mammals to enjoy the soft flesh of the Marula fruit, elephants are notorious for enjoying the slightly fermented fruit as it lies in the dust. Fortunately we don’t have to taste no dusty fruit, we can enjoy the – ah – fruits of the fruit in a short glass poured over ice. Sharing a bottle of Amarula (not all at once thought, that would be irresponsible) with a friend is almost as great as receiving a gift set of a bottle of Amarula, with chocolates and a teddy from NetFlorist’s online gift shop

An Amarula gift set makes the perfect present for any occasion- special or otherwise, but really is there any other kind of occasion? Whether you are sending your brother a birthday present or sending your best friend an alcohol gift in preparation for her hen night. NetFlorist’s online gift shop is on hand to deliver your gift of Amarula Liqueur across the country whether you need it to be deliver as far south as Cape Town or as north as Messina.

Shopping online for your Amarula gift set will save you time and add a new dimension to the gift giving process. The thought will still be there, as will the sentiments displayed on the card. Who doesn’t like receiving presents and presents are even better when they’re posted. Or in our case Amarula liqueur ordered online, it’s the best way to shop for gifts.

Sitting in your P.J’s with a cup of coffee, doing your gift shopping – life really doesn’t get much better than that; you can simply sit and order your Amarula hamper online at NetFlorist's online gift shop for next day delivery.

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