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Picture of Johnnie Walker Black and Lindt Hamper! Johnnie Walker Black and Lindt Hamper R 599.95
Next delivery; Sun, 26 Mar
Johnnie Walker Black and Lindt Hamper Code: RA1841
Picture of Douglas's Wine and Chocolate Gift! Douglas's Wine and Chocolate Gift R 169.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Some people turn to yoga to relief stress, others pour themselves a glass of wine! If you are looking for a fabulous wine... Code: RA4758
Picture of Perfect Showcase Gift! Perfect Showcase Gift R 229.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
"Wine is so much more than a beverage. It's a romance, a story, a drama - all of those things that are basically putting... Code: RA4728
Picture of Perfect Protea and Sally Williams Gift Box! Perfect Protea and Sally Williams Gift Box R 319.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
"Roses are red, so is wine, refill my glass and I'll be just fine." NetGifts is proud to bring you this stylish... Code: RA4160
Picture of The Essential Cocktail Bar Kit! The Essential Cocktail Bar Kit R 319.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
It has been said that if it can't be fixed with duct tape or a martini, it ain't worth fixing! If you have a friend or loved... Code: RA4553
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Buying alcohol for a friend always makes a good gift especially when it’s delivered! NetGifts has many alcohol gifts to choose from! What’s even better is that NetGifts combines snacks such as chocolate and nuts with your favourite alcohol such as wine, beer and liqueur to make a great alcohol gift basket! Another cool thing about sending alcohol with NetGifts is that awesome alcohol gifts can be sent straight to their door for their enjoyment!

Let’s look some of the great alcohol gift ideas from NetGifts such as the Gourmet Herb Craft Beer Bread Kit! This food hamper makes for a great gift for a foodie friend as it contains a beer bread making kit, cheese and tapenade to enjoy on the freshly baked bread and Citizen Alliance Amber Ale craft beer of course! The combination of all these products make an awesome food and alcohol gift! Another variety of this gift is the Italian Cheese Craft Beer Bread Gift Box or the Olive And Rosemary Craft Beer Bread Gift Box. Speaking of food, combining alcohol with chocolates and biltong is always a winning combination! Enjoy the Taste of Africa Gift Box or the Leopards Leap Duo with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates where you can have your booze and eat your snacks too!

Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad. But too much of good whisky is barely enough” so, spoil him with great whisky gifts from NetGifts! The Johnnie Walker Black and Whiskey Stones makes for a unique alcohol gift for the whisky stones that are included in this gift are just what you need to introduce the chill to a tumbler of whiskey without the water. Cut from granite, they become cold, and impart that chill to liquids, without melting. Your loved one will be impressed making it a great birthday gift! The Johnnie Walker Black and Rocking Whiskey Glasses features his favourite whisky with 6 unique rocking tumblers that have a cleverly designed base that is tapered so as to keep them swirling when set down.

For great alcohol gifts, choose NetGifts for its easy payment and fast delivery!

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