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Picture of It's a Girl Edible Arrangement! It's a Girl Edible Arrangement R 339.95
Next delivery; Sun, 26 Mar
Celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl with this adorable pink edible arrangement. 20 Chocolate stars are nestled among... Code: NETER002
Picture of Turquoise Star Edible Arrangement! Turquoise Star Edible Arrangement R 249.95
Next delivery; Sun, 26 Mar
A chocolate a day keeps the blues away! This vibrant blue edible arrangement filled with chocolate stars arranged in a blue... Code: NETER182
Picture of Sweetie Pie Love Box! Sweetie Pie Love Box R 399.95
Next delivery; Sun, 26 Mar
A way to someone’s heart is through their sweet tooth. Win over a loved one’s heart with this sweet, delectable Sweetie Pie... Code: NETER245
Picture of Starry Night Edible Arrangement! Starry Night Edible Arrangement R 229.95
Next delivery; Sun, 26 Mar
Want a special friend or loved one to taste the stars? This edible chocolate arrangement is made up of delicious caramel... Code: NETER347
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The minute you look in your diary and see a birthday or any other occasion coming up and you need to buy an amazing gift, we’re sure your heart starts to palpitate and sweat beads on your forehead. Yes, getting the perfect can be hard! Once you have calmed down a bit and gathered your thoughts you will inevitably forget about it until it’s the day of the party. Not with NetFlorist! We have reminders on our website, which will remind you ahead of the big occasion to get an awesome gift…

There is immense pressure when giving a gift, the last thing you want is that fake smile of joy and the claim of “Oh my, I love it” through gritted teeth. The comedian Michael McIntyre summed it up perfectly in one of his shows when he used the never ending “go to present” of juicy papaya and citrus body wash. There are only so many pretty soap sets and socks that you can foist on to friends and family and gift vouchers will only get you so far and they look kind of lazy.

Never fear when NetFlorist is near! Here’s the beauty of it with online shopping you don’t need to break out in a panic. You don’t need to battle crowds of people and trudge all over the shopping centre feeling like a pilgrim with rocks in their shoes. You can sit in the comfort of your own home (you should not be shopping during office hours) and browse comfortably.

Here comes the best part about looking for that dreaded present; you will find the perfect gift online at NetFlorist and our edible arrangements! Yes now you can send a gorgeous arrangement of Chocolate flowers; we are the leaders of awesome online shopping ideas and we’re certain that our perfect examples of chocolate floristry will win you many many browny points but will also make Willy Wonka positively pea green with envy.  Our yummy edible flower arrangements will get you out of any late night debauchery with the guys or any large purchase on the joint credit card and you can buy edible chocolate arrangements to show your wonderful loved one just how much you love them! 

Our Chocolate Flowers will melt any heart and get you out of sleeping on the sofa or in the spare room/junk storage space - which is great cos you are pretty sure something has died in there and you are a little scared of tiny mice ghosts so buying an edible arrangement online is a great idea.

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