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Picture of Johnnie Walker Whiskey & Chocolate Luxury Gift Set! Johnnie Walker Whiskey & Chocolate Luxury Gift Set R 619.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
When you combine Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey and delectable handmade chocolates, a delightful surprise is guaranteed!... Code: RA2953
Picture of Johnnie Walker Red & Chocolate Truffles! Johnnie Walker Red & Chocolate Truffles R 499.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
This hamper exudes elegance and sophistication. Send this to your favourite gentleman. Glasses and board not Included. Code: RA2905
Picture of Johnnie Walker Platinum & Crystal Glasses! Johnnie Walker Platinum & Crystal Glasses R 1869.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Spoil a loved one with a bottle of sophisticated Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Whisky, which comes complete with two crystal... Code: RA2605
Picture of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Ice Bucket and Crys! Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Ice Bucket and Crys R 3859.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Any true whisky connoisseur would be blue if you didn’t send them this prestige hamper of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with... Code: RA2602
Picture of Johnnie Walker Gold & Lindt Slab! Johnnie Walker Gold & Lindt Slab R 1199.95
Next delivery; Mon, 03 Apr
Code: RA1839
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They say that best friends are the ones that will be sat next to you in the jail cell; we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing and we’ll leave that up to you to decide. But we know for certain that Jack, Jim and Jose would not be as cool without their best friend Johnnie, Johnnie Walker. And we’re betting that your grandfather, uncle and father in law wouldn’t be as interesting without him either. We can also guarantee that your grandfather, father, uncle and father in law have been reasonably good friends with Johnnie Walker for a few years - if not decades; which is why we here at NetFlorist’s gift shop strongly believe that a Johnnie Walker whiskey gift set sent online make the perfect present for that special occasion.

When finding the perfect whiskey gift for an esteemed gentleman, we are sure you will have gone through a list as long as your big toe – and unless you’re a clown that list won’t be very long, but at NetFlorist’s gift shop we have some fantastic Johnnie Walker gift ideas online for you to peruse through for your father in law, grandfather, father or uncle that will make their heads spin because when you buy a bottle of whisky for a special occasion online you aren’t just buying them a bottle of whisky, you are buying them much more! Seriously many of our Johnnie Walker gift sets come with Lindt or Cote D’or Chocolate;

But back to discussing the merits of buying and sending a box of whiskey and chocolates online as a present; when you buy a bottle of whiskey at a retail store you will get just that, a bottle of whiskey in its box and it will be up to you to add the bells and whistles. Buuuut, when you buy your Johnnie Walker whiskey gift online at NetFlorist you will get a bottle of whiskey and so much more. We will add all the little extras for you; we will take care of the wrapping, the choc’s and put it in a beautiful black box of wonderment. Hell we even do next day, nationwide delivery of our Johnnie Walker presents, so your loved one will get it in no time.

But – and at the risk of sounding like one of those terrible infomercials – that’s not all, when you buy your birthday bottle of Johnnie Walker online we will deliver it to the special uncle of your choice. Yes, wherever he be in South Africa we can get it out to him the very next day. Just another reason why buying a gift set online is the only way to go, and who knows it might be the only thing you need to drag your granddad into the 21st century and online gift shopping

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