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Picture of Carrol Boyes Salad Servers - Hanging! Carrol Boyes Salad Servers - Hanging R 899.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Stylish and functional, these salad servers can be a perfect brithday, engagement or wedding gift. Code: RA2292
Picture of Carrol Boyes Salad Servers - Sprig! Carrol Boyes Salad Servers - Sprig R 999.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Designed by Holly Birkby, the 'Sprig' range developed out of quick drawings in Chinese ink, and represents fresh sprigs of... Code: RA2291
Picture of Carrol Boyes Salad Servers Small - Stellar! Carrol Boyes Salad Servers Small - Stellar R 839.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Carrol Boyes small Stellar salad servers, a must have for any kitchen. Code: RA2290
Picture of Carrol Boyes Party Platter ! Carrol Boyes Party Platter R 2699.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Because life's special moments are better shared with friends! This elegant and versatile women in a tub Carrol Boyes platter... Code: RA4000
Picture of Carrol Boyes Serviette Holder - Breaststroke! Carrol Boyes Serviette Holder - Breaststroke R 1399.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Keep your serviettes close at hand with the Breaststroke Serviette Holder by Carrol Boyes. A must-have kitchen accessory... Code: RA2283
Picture of Carrol Boyes Bread Bin - Loafer! Carrol Boyes Bread Bin - Loafer R 2849.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Keep your breads, bagels and muffins fresh with the Loafer Bread Bin by Carrol Boyes. Complete with sculptural accent, this... Code: RA2306
Picture of Carrol Boyes Vase Large - Leaning Man! Carrol Boyes Vase Large - Leaning Man R 3279.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
A beautiful display of flowers is enhanced when you arrange them in this signature piece from the range. The human form is... Code: RA2300
Picture of Carrol Boyes Vase - Embrace! Carrol Boyes Vase - Embrace R 2749.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
Give your blooms some love and attention with the Embrace Vase by Carrol Boyes. Enhance any room in your house with this... Code: RA2295
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When it comes to those big occasions in life, such as birthdays or anniversaries, a Carrol Boyes gift is always a clear winner. After all, what can be more appealing than a luxurious piece of homeware with a unique character and sought-after appeal? Carrol Boyes products are available from NetFlorist, and we are here to encourage you to go online and see our extensive catalogue.

With Carrol Boyes products from NetFlorist's online gift shop you can be assured that ordering a Carrol Boyes gift online, like the standing man water jug as a gift is guaranteed to win you brownie points, put you in the good books and just make you their top favourite person. The occasions that you will need to buy for vary; you could be going to a baby shower, a house warming or an engagement party but whatever the occasion we'll have the best Carrol Boyes gifts online for you to treat your friends and loved ones.

When shopping for a birthday present for a woman the possibilities are quite literally endless, you can get them a home ware gift from Carrol Boyes or Alessi or something totally impractical like a box of chocolates or a Moet and Chandon gift set. We guarantee that she’ll love it, unless she’s a recovering alcoholic in which case that could be a bit awkward… So instead of buying them alcohol for their new pad simply buy them a gorgeous selection of Carrol Boyes products like a stunning vase or salad servers for next day delivery, nationwide and you will soon be receiving an excited phone call to say thanks.

Of course you don’t need to stick with Carrol Boyes catalogue (although it is a rather marvellous brand) as there are other luxury brands on offer at NetFlorist's gift shop, for example you could invest in some decadently dark and delicious Illy Coffee and compliment it with a selection of delicious chocolates or even a snap of whiskey.
Don’t delay: order your beautiful Carroll Boyes gifts online today for the person of your choice now. All you need to do is logon to our site and you can expect the gift to be delivered as soon as possible.

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