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Picture of Lily Rose Bouquet! Lily Rose Bouquet R 219.95
Next delivery; Fri, 31 Mar
Send some happiness someone special's way with this lovely Lily Rose Bouquet. Made up of gorgeous pink lilies, cerise roses... Code: NETSP2587
Bouquet of white st Joseph lilies in brown paper Lovely Lilies R 199.95
Next delivery; Fri, 31 Mar
Bouquet of fragrant white St. Joseph lilies. Always seen as classic, they make a wonderful good-for-all-purposes gift. Code: NETBQ008
Picture of Pretty in Pink! Pretty in Pink R 299.95
Next delivery; Fri, 31 Mar
There is no more thoughtful gift to give a loved one than a bunch of pink roses. These pink roses are, however, something... Code: NETSPIR010
Picture of Blazing Orange Rose Arrangement in a Crystal Vase! Blazing Orange Rose Arrangement in a Crystal Vase R 2439.95
Next delivery; Fri, 31 Mar
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet! And it has to be said that there is no... Code: NETSP1584
Cerise Roses in a Box Cerise Roses in a Box R 259.95
Next delivery; Fri, 31 Mar
Cerise roses arranged in a boxed handbag, a sophisticated gift for someone special.Image Contains 24 Roses Code: NETSP291
Picture of Whimsical White Rose Basket! Whimsical White Rose Basket R 379.95
Next delivery; Fri, 31 Mar
Beauty is power and a smile its sword. Give someone special a smile today when you send these beautiful white roses in a... Code: NETSP2679
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Flower arrangements as centrepieces or wedding table decorations are quite an important part in your wedding reception. Also the flowers in the wedding decorations for the chapel or even for the arches and chairs in an outside wedding. No wedding is complete without flowers to brighten and lighten the place up a bit.

Some brides have a clear picture in their heads of how they want their wedding flowers to be, whether the flowers are in the wedding bouquets or as wedding table decorations. Sometimes the bride makes a decision based on the colour scheme of the wedding, something that will complement the bridal party, and something that will also be beautiful. Other brides make the decision based on the flower type alone, not necessarily because of the meaning behind the flowers, but instead choosing something that they have dreamt of since they were a little girl.

The bouquet of flowers certainly has to be the most important thing a bride has to think about in the floral department. Bridal bouquets feature in most of the wedding photos, even on their own with the wedding rings on top in a beautiful close-up (if your photographer like this idea as much as you do!). So you need a beautiful arrangement of flowers that will stun both the bride and look amazing on photos.

Some flowers for weddings that fill both criteria are protea flowers, they are gorgeous flowers and they have a type of royalty to them being the National flower of South Africa. Another type of flower might be lilies – they are not only beautiful, but the meaning behind them is even more so, devotion (which is perfect for a wedding ceremony).

For beautiful flowers for weddings, visit NetFlorist and choose from a wide range of stunning blooms that will certainly make any bride happy. Whether it is colour or flower type, we have something for anyone and everyone!

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