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A mint chocolate delight! Send this gift of 6 freshly baked peppermint crisp cake jars to your friend or loved one as the... Code: CCJ005
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“Thank you”, these two little words carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. Just saying these two small and simple words tells your friend, loved one or acquaintance that you appreciate whatever it is that they’ve done for you. A simple thank you is all that it takes to make someone feel good. Telling someone thank you acknowledges that the person has gone out of his or her way and done something for you. Saying thank you can mean a lot to someone and as such it is something that you should do as often as possible. Here at NetFlorist we proud to introduce our new range of freshly baked cakes and cupcakes to buy and send online in South Africa and now we pose the question- what makes a better thank you gift than thank you cupcake jars?! Cupcake jars make for a great way to say thank you to your friends and loved ones just how much you appreciate them and everything that they have done for you.

Here at NetFlorist we have a large range of cakes to buy online to say thanks for any reason you could possibly think of. There isn’t a person alive who could possibly turn down the gift of cake! Here at NetFlorist we have cupcake jars in just about any and every flavour you could imagine from chocolate to red velvet to pineapple flavour. Showing your thanks with a thank you cupcake jar is the perfect way to make any one feel good about themselves and will also have you feeling good about yourself when you see the smiles on your loved ones faces!

So show your friends and loved ones your thanks with a thank you cupcake jar gift of a different kind, from NetFlorist.

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