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Picture of White Lily Funeral Coffin Display! White Lily Funeral Coffin Display R 299.95
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In times of great sorrow, the most simple of gestures are usually the most powerful. Send this blissfully beautiful St Joseph... Code: NETC42
Cream roses with filler in a basket Cream Roses in a Woven Basket R 449.95
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Express your warmest wishes, whether it be a thank you, sympathy or get well soon greeting with this charming arrangement... Code: NETA20
Elegant White Lilies R 349.95
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A vase of elegant white St. Joseph lilies. A very popular choice and loved by all recipients because of their heady aroma... Code: NETSP160
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“There is asacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. Theyspeak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers ofoverwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.” WashingtonIrving. As anyone who has lost a loved one can attest, it is probably the mostpainful, heart breaking experience that you can go through. Here at NetFloristwe know that this heart breaking time can be eased through showing your supportfor the grieving party and one way of doing this is through sending condolence flowers from NetFlorist. Traditionally condolence flowers are sent to the familyof the deceased in a show of support and solidarity in that they are not alonewhen going through this tough time.

 If you have a friend or loved one who hasrecently lost someone close to them then it is important to show them that youare thinking about them and holding them in your thoughts and prayers and oneway of doing this is to send a bouquet of condolence flowers. Now before you shop online for condolence flowers, it is important to know that some flowers are more appropriate than others, for instance you wouldn’tsend someone who is grieving a bunch of sunflowers. White flowers representserenity and peace and because of this a whitearrangement of flowers makes for a thoughtful condolence gift. If you are looking for a gentle and sweet condolence flower arrangement you definitely won’t go wrong with a vase of St Joseph’s lilies. St Joseph’s lilies are known as the traditional flowerof mourning and therefore make for an appropriate condolence flower arrangement to send someone who is grieving.  Another condolence flower arrangement to sendis a bouquet of white roses, these are a gift that any person in morning will appreciate.

 At NetFlorist we can deliver your condolence flowers, whether sudden or expected, in the same day and allover South Africa and because we know that the situation is sensitive andemotions are heightened we offer a 100% customersatisfaction guarantee on our flowers.

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