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We know that keeping relationships fired up and romantic is tricky, especially after a hard day looking after children, working hard for 8 hours and cleaning your house, but let’s not let your husband feel like an old horse that’s about to be sent to the knackers. Sure being romantic all the time gets a little tricky once you’ve used the bathroom after he’s done a number two and when he gets the age where he has more hair in his ears than on his head, it’s a little hard to picture him as the romantic lead in your romantic comedy that is life.

But fortunately for you, there is NetFlorist and we are the best solution that doesn’t involve involuntary surgery because you are willing for your hubby to go through extreme lengths to look good and keep the romance alive.

We hope that you are a thoroughly modern lady who will not sit around and wait for him to get of his butt and keep the romance alive, we hope that you will always keep in mind that your knight in shining armour might just be an idiot in tinfoil but he’s your idiot in tinfoil so you should also make an effort. You are after all his princess and a relationship is a two way street and if Pretty Woman taught us anything, it’s that the princess rescues him right back.

So take a chapter out of Vivienne’s book and keep the romance alive yourself – please don’t take a leaf out of her other book and become a street walker with a heart of gold, because we’re not sure if your happy ending will be quite like hers. In fact, we’re sure the happy ending will be one sided. Shop online for flowers and buy your hubby or your boyfriend beautiful flowers or plants, or if you are truly modern and sophisticated with your live in partner and the father of at least 5 of her 8 children, yes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie we’re talking about you. All you need to do to be able to make your hubby feelappreciated and to keep the romance in your relationship alive is to capture the first year or two of when you guys first got together and commemorate the little milestones. You know you could recreate your first anniversary or even your wedding night. The night of your first date or even the first time you met each other in the biblical sense; it will be so easy to recreate the magic – especially with NetFlorist in your corner. We are the relationship experts and are able to deliver flowers to you the very same day across the country. Simply look at our amazing website and have your mind blown by all our exquisite flowers. To order flowers online with us is as easy as falling out of a tree. All you have to do to buy your flowers online is to log on to our site, pick the perfect flowers for him and leave the rest up to our bunch of relationship experts.

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