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Every now and then we fall foul of those ugly little germs and bugs that cause us illness or we suffer an unfortunate incident that results in bruises or broken bones, like the time that your brother literally pushed you off the slide and you broke your arm. What a little brat right?! Here at NetFlorist we know that there is that ancient tradition of giving fruit or grapes to a person who is not feeling great, but we cause we are awesome and like to keep up to date with the times we think a better get well soon gift would be half a dozen cupcake jars! For those suffering from a stomach ailment you may want to avoid giving these jars of deliciousness but for everyone else- bring on the get well treats. NetFlorist being such an awesome company that is it, has just released a whole new range of freshly baked cakes and cupcakes for buy and send online to your friends and loved ones (especially the sick ones).

As stated before tradition dictates that when you have a poorly friend or loved one you should take along a bunch of grapes for them to munch on. But let’s get real, if your friend or loved one is as sick as they claim to be chances are that they’re not going to want to be popping grapes into their gob. Why go one better and order and send get well cupcake jars online to the poorly person in your life. If the person that you’re wishing well has had an unfortunate accident that resulted in stiches or having limbs cast in plaster of paris, a fabo get well soon gift to buy is a box full of cookies and cream cupcake jars! This is a delicious get well gift that will have anyone feeling better in no time at all!  

Whomever it is that you need to send a get well soon gift to, Net Florist is the only online florist to turn to to buy baked goods online in South Africa, we have all the best get well soon cupcakes and cakes online, this means that your poorly person can be made to feel better in no time with our awesome
get well cakes! We have an amazing range of get well soon cakes to buy online in SA and with our nationwide, next day delivery, we’ll get your get well soon cakes and cupcakes to your friend or family member faster than you can say Bob’s your ankle…er…uncle.

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