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Picture of Milk Tart Cupcakes! Milk Tart Cupcakes R 199.95
Next delivery; Fri, 24 Mar
These freshly baked cupcakes are South Africa’s favourite dessert treat. With a delicious cinnamon sponge and creamy milk... Code: CCUP019
Picture of Rocky Road Cupcakes! Rocky Road Cupcakes R 199.95
Next delivery; Fri, 24 Mar
The perfect treat for the sweet tooth. These freshly baked chocolate sponge cupcakes are topped with chocolate butter icing... Code: CCUP015
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Friends – the family we choose ourselves. Friends – the people whom it is okay to be stupid around. There is nothing in life quite as fun as having awesome friends to celebrate all of life’s special moments with! And what better way to celebrate life, love and laughter than with cupcakes? Because everything in life is better celebrated with friends and cupcakes. We have just launched out extremely exciting, out of this world, super delicious confectionery range, the Bakery at NetFlorist with a range of delicious cupcake treats for you to spoil your friends with! Nothing quite says the party is starting like packing out a variety of delicious cupcakes that everyone can stuff their faces with! Our friendship cupcakes are the perfect treat for making your friends feel special! Our delicious cupcakes come in a variety of delicious flavours like melk tert cupcakes, pumpkin spice cupcakes, and a range of delicious decadent chocolate cupcakes varieties, to name a few! These cupcakes make the perfect friendship gift ideas for any occasion, from birthday cupcakes to thank you cupcakes, to cupcakes that says “I’m sorry for laughing when you fell off your chair and I hope you feel better soon”.  Our cupcakes come in packs of six or 12 and is perfect for sharing with your bestest of besties! All of our cupcakes are freshly baked on the day of requested delivery, because we know only the best is good enough for your best friend! All you have to do to buy friendship cupcakes online is to log in to your NetFlorist account and buy and send cupcakes online. Our friendly bakers will bake your friendship cupcakes and we will deliver it straight to your friend! Buy cupcakes for friends online at NetFlorist today.

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