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Picture of Simple Chocolate Birthday Cake! Simple Chocolate Birthday Cake R 329.95
Next delivery; Mon, 27 Mar
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Picture of Coffee and Pecan Nut Cake with Coffee Icing 20cm! Coffee and Pecan Nut Cake with Coffee Icing 20cm R 349.95
Next delivery; Tue, 28 Mar
This scrumptious freshly baked 20cm coffee and pecan nut cake makes for the perfect present for a friend, colleague or a... Code: CSM005
Picture of Chocolate Rose Cake! Chocolate Rose Cake R 399.95
Next delivery; Mon, 27 Mar
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Picture of White Rose Cake! White Rose Cake R 349.95
Next delivery; Sat, 25 Mar
 party without a cake is just a meeting! Avoid meetings by buying this amazingly delicious White Rose Cake. This freshly... Code: CSM001
Picture of Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing! Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing R 399.95
Next delivery; Mon, 27 Mar
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You’ve just put down the phone after screaming into your best friend’s ear for the past 13 minutes. Your best friend just got engaged and you know you have to do something super exciting to celebrate her engagement and what is a better way to celebrate it? With a cake, of course. NetFlorist just launched their online confectionery store, the Bakery at NetFlorist and our range of delicious cakes are the perfect engagement gift. Nothing quite says congratulations like a deliciously moist and rich chocolate cake, and that’s exactly what our cakes for engagements are – delicious, moist, rich and full of chocolaty goodness. Let’s face it, it’s probably the last time she will put her mouth to chocolate before the big day so you might as well go all out with our engagement cakes. Have a little party with your best friends and celebrate your besties engagement with one of the cakes from NetFlorist. Our cakes can be shared between 6 to 8 people, so you can have a really fun feast with all of your friends. Even if you can’t be with your bestie but you will want to wish them congratulations on their happy engagement, you can send cakes for their engagement straight to their doorstep* - a perfect surprise for a perfect couple on their perfect engagement. Our cakes are deliciously fresh and make the perfect congratulations on your engagement gift! With classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla and luxury flavours like rocky road, banana cake with salted peanut butter or strawberry swirl, you’ll want to wish everyone in the world congratulations on their engagement! All you need to do to send cakes for engagements is to log in to your NetFlorist account and buy cakes online. Our bakers will bake your cake using the freshest ingredients and deliver it straight to the happy recipient, on the very same day, because, like the big day, only the best is good enough for this celebration!

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