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Ficus Bonsai Tree R 479.95
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A Bonsai tree is considered an exotic, yet graceful plant and gift that makes for an outstanding sight and a natural decoration... Code: NETPL009
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When it comes to buying birthday gifts for friends and loved ones, you’ll know that it’s not always an easy task. Take for example buying a gift for your boss- what the heck do you get this man or woman? After all you are going to have to get gift that is appropriate, lest you send the wrong impression and end up getting your bottom hauled into HR. So what does one buy the boss to end the right kind of happy bday? How about giving your boss a birthday plant to express your birthday wishes! Sound like a brilliant idea right? Right!

So you’re probably thinking how does a birthday plant make for an appropriate gift for your boss’s birthday? Well just like regular people, not all bosses are created equally and some bosses may be easily offended or may get the wrong message from a certain type of present- like a gift you would buy for a friend. This is a present that could go either way, for example your boss might think that you’re saying that they’re smelly and could do with a good bath or it could be deeply appreciated. This year why not play it safe and get your boss a plant and a nice birthday card? Trust us when we say that this is one of the best presents that you could buy.

If your boss is a guy then why not spoil him on his birthday with a gorgeous green plant birthday gift? This is an excellent idea, because it shows that you care, but that you still respect the boss man (woman). Also birthday plants are a great idea because they also brighten up a room and give it some life!

NetFlorist is the best and only place to turn to when you need to buy birthday plants online, we have bonsai’s, green plants, orchids and so much more for you to send! All you have to do to buy birthday plants online is log on to NetFlorist now and get shopping for those birthday plants now!

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