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Picture of Rainbow Delight Stripy Doughnuts! Rainbow Delight Stripy Doughnuts R 199.95
Next delivery; Fri, 24 Mar
Doughnuts worry, be happy! Make a loved one's day extra special by spoiling them with this delicious treat - yummy ring doughnuts... Code: DON002
Picture of Roast Me Hamper! Roast Me Hamper R 359.95
Next delivery; Fri, 24 Mar
Spoil your man with this eat my meat hamper of Nederburg Barrone, Mediterranean Roasts Rub, Eetrite Meat Thermometer and... Code: RAV3703
Biltong and Utility Knife Gift Set Biltong and Utility Knife Gift Set R 449.95
Next delivery; Fri, 24 Mar
A gift box containing beef slices (100g), droewors (100g) and biltong pieces (125g) and a utility pocket knife. A great gift... Code: RA1208
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Husbands are great aren’t they? When your car makes that weird “chrrrriiitscha grrrreeerrr” noise, he’s the guy you call. If there’s a spider creepy crawly-ing around the kitchen and its hairy scary legs are freaking you out, he’s the go to guy! Ok look, the sink is clogged with some ewwy-gooy green stuff- yup you guessed it, get the hubby to fix it! Because of how awesome your husband is, this year on your anniversary why not spoil your handsome husband with a gorgeous anniversary gift for him! Now not all husbands have been created equally, some husbands like roughing it; spending time outside with a braai, beer and biltong. If your guy is this kind of man, then fear not because we have an amazing range of anniversary gifts for him!

For instance, if your man is a beer and boerie type of guy you can give him an awesome man crate gift as an anniversary gifts for him. A prime example of man crate gift is our Jack Black and Biltong man crate! Trust us when we say our dude will love this!

If, however, your guy is more metro-sexual than lumber-sexual you don’t have to stress either because we have anniversary gift ideas for that kind of guy also! For your metro hubby, why not spoil him with a fancy-schmancy cologne or a gorgeous watch! Trust us when we say that these are just two of our most excellent gift ideas for men!  

But maybe your husband is a chef extraordinaire, maybe he gives Gordon Ramsay a run for his money in the kitchen and makes you delicious dinners, if that is the case we have anniversary gifts for this guy also! From Le Creuset, to knife sets and even braai tools and implements.

NetFlorist not only sells anniversary gifts online, oh no, we also have flowers for sale online, which means that if your man is the kind of man who would appreciate flowers as an anniversary gift then you can buy him a stunning flower arrangement! Basically, the point that we’re trying to get across here is that NetFlorist has an awesome range of anniversary ideas for him as well as a hundred and one anniversary gifts for men. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping for anniversary gifts for him now!

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