Bonsai Plants

Bonsai Plants

The perfect pint-sized plant sized gift!

A little seed 
For me to sow... 

A little earth 
To make it grow...
A little hole 
A little pat... 
A little wish, 
And that is that. 

A little sun, 
A little shower...
A little while, 
And then-a flower

Without plants we would have no oxygen, there would be no life on earth and, if we’re going in that morbid direction, we would all be dead. Here at NetFlorist we are all about the green figures and that’s why we’ve put together a fabulous range of bonsai plants to buy in South Africa! This means that even if you don’t have a garden of your very own, you can still plant your very own plant!

NetFlorist has an exciting range of grow your own bonsai’s that can be sent as an awesome plant gift for a friend or loved one! Within NetFlorist’s range of grow your own bonsai plants there are certain different types of African trees to buy online!

The Monkey Thorn Tree: This is a large tree with luxuriant, light green foliage and traditionally the Monkey-thorn grows naturally in open, wooded grassland, open woodland and often near streams. It is indigenous to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, northern and eastern Botswana and South Africa and grows naturally in Limpopo.

The Fever Tree: The characteristic, almost luminous, lime green to greenish-yellow bark is smooth, slightly flaking, and coated in a yellow powdery substance described by some as sulphurous. If the powdery surface is rubbed away with the finger it will reveal a green bark beneath. Early pioneers into Africa thought that this tree caused a fever since people travelling or living in the areas where it grew contracted a bad fever. They therefore associated the fever with the tree when actually they were just being chowed alive by mozzies and contracting malaria.
The Black Monkey Thorn Tree: The thorns on the Black Monkey Thorn tree are a deep jet black that contrasts nicely with the yellowish bark and the deep green of the leaves. This tree makes a very good bonsai subject. It seems especially useful for beginners, as it can easily be trained into a shape resembling the adult tree as well as the other classic bonsai forms. 

The Coral Tree: This stunning tree is loved for its warm red to scarlet-coloured flowers, which appear from the cold winter months up to spring and it is a handsome tree at any time of the year, and its dazzling flowers have made it one of the best known and widely grown South African trees.

NetFlorist has a whole host of bonsai plants to buy online in South Africa, from the ones mentioned above to ficus bonsai trees, we’ve got it all and it has to be said that a bonsai plant gift makes for an ideal present to buy and send to friend or loved one for any occasion! You can send a bonsai plant as a gift to him as a cute office gift that will sit happily on his desk or you can give it to a friend as an awesome housewarming gift. NetFlorist is the best and only place to turn to when you need to buy and send bonsai plants online in South Africa, we have bonsai's, trees, orchids and so much many more plants to send online in South Africa! When you shop online with NetFlorist you'll see we do nationwide flower delivery, this means that you can get flower delivery in Cape Town, as well as flower delivery in other little towns like P.E. All you have to do to buy plants as a gift online is log on to netflorist now and get shopping for those bonsai plants in South Africa now!
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