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Picture of Turqouise Macaroon Cake! Turqouise Macaroon Cake R 399.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
“Love is like a good cake; you never know when it's coming, but you'd better eat it when it does!” Beautifully presented... Code: CSM029
Picture of Rainbow Temptation Macaroon Combo Box! Rainbow Temptation Macaroon Combo Box R 199.95
Next delivery; Mon, 24 Apr
If you love someone as much as the French love their macaroons then this is the perfect gift to spoil your special person... Code: CMAC005
Picture of Le Petite Macaroon Cupcakes! Le Petite Macaroon Cupcakes R 279.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
Life is perfect with Café Lattes and French Macaroons! And this Le Petite Macaroon Cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate... Code: CCUP054
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Macarons are the perfect dessert, they are small but so tasty so you don’t feel too full after snacking on a few!” Unknown. The sandwich-like French macaroon is more of a meringue-cookie, than a full-blown cookie, giving it a light, airy texture – perfect for afternoon delights with coffee.

NetFlorist Macaroons have a shiny, slightly domed top shell with a crinkled bottom edge, made from egg white, sugar and almond paste. This makes it a perfect idea to send to loved ones as this is filled with different flavoured chocolate ganache.

You don’t need a macaroon recipe, just send macaroons online via the Bakery at NetFlorist. The Bakery has a selection of different mixed flavours or a favourite in one box delivered to the doorstep of the giftee.

We offer something like the Rainbow temptation combo, consisting of 24 mixed strawberry, lemon, chocolate, pistachio and coconut flavoured macaroons. The colours resembles the flavour and are a bright compliment to the tastiness of them.   

You get even more than you bargained for, because NetFlorist went and made macaroon cakes! Send the Turquoise chocolate macaroon cake as the perfect birthday cake for a macaroon-lover. The brightly turquoise coloured icing is topped with macaroons and sprinkles, making any birthday a special one.

The Bakery at NetFlorist has more to offer than just macaroons and the macaroon cake, we also offer a range of macaroon cupcakes that can be added to our macaroon collection. The Le Petit Macaroon Cupcakes are ideal for a party dessert. It offers a choice of 5 chocolate ganache flavoured macaroons atop of vanilla sponge cupcakes topped with vanilla icing.

For a very special occasion, we have Red Roses with Macaroons and JC Le Roux as a gift idea for a loved one. This gift pack consists of 8 assorted macaroons, 16 short stemmed red roses and a mini bottle of red JC Le Roux.

A bonus with the Bakery at NetFlorist is the nationwide delivery. Send macaroons online now from our macaroon collection.

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