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Picture of Rocky Road Cake! Rocky Road Cake R 499.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
If you are looking for a rocky road taste explosion like no other, then this delicious Rocky Road cake is just what you need... Code: CSM059
Picture of Simple Vanilla Birthday Cake! Simple Vanilla Birthday Cake R 329.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
You are not getting old, just better. Celebrate your years of getting better with this delicious Vanilla Birthday Cake. This... Code: CSM020
Picture of Lilac Macaroon Cake! Lilac Macaroon Cake R 599.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
The only thing better than tucking into delicious macaroons, is combining them with mouth watering sponge cake! Choose between... Code: CSM064
Picture of Vanilla Birthday Party Cake! Vanilla Birthday Party Cake R 399.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
Birthdays are most certainly a time to party, and this delicious vanilla birthday cake will be one welcomed addition! Vanilla... Code: CSM068
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Birthdays are first celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement, and later on it seems like more of a depressing time than one of celebration. Growing old, counting all the candles on the cakes are not something one wants to be reminded about each year. Therefore, we will not be screaming 50th birthday cakes, we will simply be stating, you are 25 years old with 25 years’ experience. And as a way of celebrating the 25 years of life and 25 years of handling said life to the point where you are a pro, we have a range of birthday cakes you can buy online from NetFlorist.

Our Flour Fairies are working hard on their magic in The Bakery @ NetFlorist, magic being to send the whiffs of delicious, scrumptious cakes baking all around! Share in the delight and send birthday cakes online! Chocolate cakes that will satisfy any chocolate-lover, even Rocky Road cake -  a cake that consists of chocolate vanilla marshmallow sponge layers which are sandwiched together with vanilla icing and chunky salted peanuts. The layers are then covered in mouth-watering vanilla and chocolate icing and topped off with rich Belgian dark chocolate ganache, mini marshmallows and of course, more chocolate.

Although we might not have a large variety of cakes available for small wedding cakes, we do have a large variety of birthday cakes for girls and birthday cakes for boys. Whether it is 21st Birthday cakes or birthday cakes for men, we have you covered! Stunning macaroon cakes and piñata cakes await your click of a button delivery. Yummy cakes are right at your fingertips, waiting have you feel like you are celebrating life to its fullest.

For a more personal touch to any birthday cake, you can have a look at the different personalised birthday cakes The Bakery has on offer. Send a warm-felt “Happy birthday” to a loved one or friend online with NetFlorist. All you have to do is log on to your NetFlorist account and order from the plethora of birthday cakes to send to a loved one!

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