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Picture of Peanut Butter Giant Pinata Cupcake! Peanut Butter Giant Pinata Cupcake R 599.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
A killer combination that anyone with a sweet tooth will love, this giant piñata cupcake makes for an amazing gift for any... Code: GCUP016
Picture of Chocolaty Chocolate Pinata Cake 20cm! Chocolaty Chocolate Pinata Cake 20cm R 699.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
Move over diamonds, there's a new best friend on the block! This Serious About Chocolate Piñata Cake is making everyone's... Code: CSM048
Picture of Pink Strawberry Polka Dot Pinata Cake 20cm! Pink Strawberry Polka Dot Pinata Cake 20cm R 699.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
Saying congratulations have never been this awesome! Congratulate a loved one in the most spectacular way with this cake... Code: CSM049
Picture of Movie Night Giant Cupcake! Movie Night Giant Cupcake R 599.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
What be could better than sinking your teeth into a cupcake? How about sinking your teeth into a giant cupcake! With a whole... Code: GCUP015
Picture of Birthday Cake Pinata Cupcakes! Birthday Cake Pinata Cupcakes R 229.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
Spoil a loved one with the Smartie Surprise from NetFlorist's Bakery! Delicious chocolate cupcakes topped with creamy vanilla... Code: CCUP080
Picture of Caramel Popcorn Pinata Cupcakes! Caramel Popcorn Pinata Cupcakes R 229.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
This is the ultimate cupcake surprise for a loved one to sink their sweet tooth into! NetFlorist's Bakery has designed delicious... Code: CCUP081
Picture of Coconut Ice Pinata Cupcakes! Coconut Ice Pinata Cupcakes R 229.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
NetFlorist's Bakery has taken coconut ice to another level with the Coconut Surprise Cupcakes! Pink vanilla and coconut cupcakes... Code: CCUP082
Picture of Liquorice Allsorts Pinata Cupcakes! Liquorice Allsorts Pinata Cupcakes R 229.95
Next delivery; Tue, 25 Apr
Make someone's day by sending them the All Sorts of Suprises cupcakes! These delightful vanilla cupcakes are secretly filled... Code: CCUP083
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Piñata cakes from NetFlorist’s Bakery! The new range boasts cakes and cupcakes filled with the best little surprises like Smarties, caramel popcorn and coconut ice! Surprising someone with these treats will have them biting into soft sponge with a yummy filling unexpectedly exploding in their mouth! Sending cakes online has never been easier with NetFlorist’s easy payment and delivery system, so send piñata cakes today!

In life, it’s what’s in the inside what counts, right? The inside of these cupcakes and cakes has the most delicious filling and NetFlorist is making them count! A cute and thoughtful birthday gift would be the Birthday Cake Pinata Cupcakes which features yummy chocolate cupcakes, iced with a creamy vanilla icing and topped and filled with smarties. Be a smartie pants and send these cupcakes to a friend! Another fun gift for a friend’s birthday is the All Sorts of Surprises Cupcakes filled with All Sorts liquorice fan for someone that is a fan of liquorice. Wishing someone congratulations? NetFlorist has the perfect Piñata cake for that that is muchos impressive!

Wish an amigo or family member a very happy birthday in the most spectacular way by sending them the Special Star Pinata Cake where a vanilla cake is layered with vanilla icing filled with jelly babies, smarties, astros and brownie chunks! Spoil someone on their achievement by sending this delightful cake with NetFlorist! And what about the grand king of all cupcakes? The Peanut Butter Bomb Cupcake is a giant cupcake filled with all the yummy things you can think of! It is filled with a delicious surprise centre- peanut brittle, Crunchie chocolates, caramel sauce and dark chocolate ganache, told you it’s the king of cupcakes! Send a birthday cake online!

Stay on top of the trends and let the Piñata Range from the NetFlorist Bakery be your go-to gift for any occasion! Shop the range of Piñata Cakes online today!

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