Kosher Cakes

Kosher Cakes

Delicious and approved by the Beth Din

At NetFlorist’s online bakery, one thing is for sure: our bakery treats are delicious! While our cakes, cupcakes and other goods are suitable for pretty much anyone, we realise that we also have Jewish customers who deserve to get in on the yumminess! For this reason, we have introduced some lip smacking Kosher cakes to our range, in delicious flavours to be enjoyed by all.

For those of you who don’t know about the ins and outs of kosher food, kosher food is food which satisfies the requirements of Jewish Law. The ingredients used need to be Kosher, and they need the approval of the Beth Din. These strict rules need to be followed by many Jewish people.

Let’s say you have a Jewish friend or family member with a birthday coming up, why not surprise them with a Kosher birthday cake? This Chocolate Rose Cake, for example, is a real hit with its chocolate butter icing roses and dark chocolate pencils. It can also be personalised to make it even more special! Kosher birthday cakes are now a reality at NetFlorist, so we suggest you give this one a try.

Kosher cakes are not only great for birthdays, they are great for any occasion and are sure to be the cause of many smiles and full tummies. After all, who doesn’t love cake?

If you are wondering how to order some of these Kosher treats, all you need to do it log onto NetFlorist and have a look at our Kosher bakery section. Select the treat of your choice and follow the simple order process. It’s so easy to shop online in South Africa with NetFlorist, and the same applies to our Kosher cakes and other bakery items.

What are you waiting for? Go online and find the perfect Kosher cake for your special occasion.

Picture of Kosher Vanilla Rose Cake 20cm! Kosher Vanilla Rose Cake 20cm R 399.95
Next delivery; Thu, 29 Jun
Kosher customers can now enjoy our delicious Vanilla Rose Cake that is beautifully decorated with vanilla butter icing roses... Code: KCSM001
Picture of Kosher Chocolate Rose Cake! Kosher Chocolate Rose Cake R 399.95
Next delivery; Thu, 29 Jun
This Chocolate Rose Cake is every chocoholic's dream, and it's now available in an equally tasty Kosher version! This freshly... Code: KCSM004
Next delivery; Thu, 29 Jun
This firm favourite is now available in a Kosher version, ready to be devoured! A freshly baked 20cm red velvet cake comes... Code: KCSM003
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