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When you hear the word “blondie” what image springs to mind? Pam Anderson in her red bathing suit, circa 1993? Taylor Swift dancing around to that sick beat? Not to stereotype but it is most likely that when you think of a blondie you’re probably thinking of a hot blond as opposed to a baked treat of some sort, but that’s exactly what a blondie is- the delicious vanilla version of a brownie! Here at the Bakery at NetFlorist we are all for equal opportunity between chocolate and vanilla and that’s why we’ve put together an awesome range of blondies to buy online! These delicious little morsels of heaven sent goodness, also known as blondies, make for the best gift for many an occasion.

Say it’s your best friend in the world’s birthday and you want to spoil her in the best way has to be said that there is no other way to treat her than
by sending blondies online to her as a fabulous birthday gift! You can surprise her by having one of our dedicated delivery guys show up at her office with a beautiful box of blondies as a gift for her birthday! She can sit at her desk and nosh away at these delicious treats on her big day and not have to share a single crumb because it’s her birthday and on your birthday you don’t have to share!

Here at NetFlorist we have a bajillion and one flavours of
blondies to buy online and no we don’t mean that you can buy a box full of Scarlett Johansson, rather we mean that you can buy raspberry and apricot blondies, Bar One blondies, or delicious Turkish delight blondies online at NetFlorist! 

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, whether you are helping your BFF in the whole world to celebrate her birthday or just
buying blondies online so that you can stuff your own face with baked goodies, NetFlorist’s bakery is the best and only place to turn to when you want to buy blondies online! And...and our bakery range is not only limited to blondies and brownies, no sir-y, we also have fabulous cakes to buy online in South Africa as well as cupcakes and cupcake jars and so much more!  Cue trumpets and fan fair because our freshly baked goodies are the thing of miracles and happiness! All you need to do to order blondies online is log on to your favourite online florist in South Africa, click your favourite pick and we’ll to the rest- delivery included!

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