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Nandi Ngubane
30 Jun 2014
My name is Nandi Ngubane I work in JHB Liberty Properties in Braamfontein on the 19th June I received a call and as I went to reception thats what I saw (the attached) I was so happy that I cried ive never received roses before yet alone chocolates and a card all in one as I read the card it had come from a very special guy we are not romantically involved but we refer to each other as “my future” because if I would spend my future with anyone it would be him it hasn’t even been more than a month since we have reconnected- we met at my sisters wedding in 2011 he was the best man and I was a bridesmaid but never really talked until lately. he works in Pietermaritzburg KZN so this was a really special gesture hey and he has been a gift to me I’m blessed (that’s what he says) but we are both blessed to have each other. Im sorry to go on but I was so happy im still happy I look at my flowers everyday and I cant be more greatful.

Loreal Swart
29 Jun 2014
My Name is Loreal Swart. I received these lovely red roses from my boyfriend at work on Friday 27.06.14. He stays in Sasolburg and I'm in Pretoria. And he just send them because he missed me and wanted to embarrass me in front of my Co-workers. Thank you Netflorist for allowing him to express his feelings in these beautiful roses.

Basie Van Wyk
20 Jun 2014
On this early Friday morning before seven

The doorbell rang – it was a surprise from heaven:

A big basket of fruit and biltong selection,

Which NetFlorist delivered with precision!

We appreciate your lovely gift,

It gave our spirits a welcome lift.

The fruit were nice and fresh,

The biltong added spice to the mesh.

I thank you with my whole heart,

You are a lovely couple, and very smart!

Basie van Wyk (on the brink of 77!)

Anisa Ussuph
19 Jun 2014
Dear NetFlorist magic-makers

I just returned from lunch to find a box at my desk, bursting with hidden secrets. I gingerly unwrapped my carefully packaged box, layer by delicate layer; fingers trembling and heart racing all the way through. What could be inside, I whispered to myself. Finally, the wrapping was unwrapped, the big revelation. Oh my word! Didn't my heart soar when I nestled my gorgeous jar of treats! I have mentally eaten them all already (though I have indulged in two so far) and already know exactly where the jar's final home will be, in my home. Thank you for making me feel special.


Charlie Schoeman
10 Jun 2014
Just got out of hospital and received these beautiful flowers from my sister all the way in cape town. Just want to say what a nice surprise for them to come and deliver so early in the morning. Thank you for ur services to cheer us sick people up,

All my love
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