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rosh-hashanah: All About The Food Personalised Board!All About The Food Personalised BoardFrom R 229.95
Next delivery: Wed, 22 Feb
Code: PER210 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Candy Jar with Sally Williams Nougat!Candy Jar with Sally Williams NougatFrom R 329.95
Next delivery: Today
Take pleasure in the simple things in life and enjoy a delicious treat of a Candy Jar of Sally Williams Nougat..This product... Code: RA3297 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Carrol Boyes Bread Board!Carrol Boyes Bread BoardR 3349.95
Next delivery: Today
Treat a loved one with, not only a stylish, but also a useful gift of a bread board made of pewter, aluminium and sheesham... Code: RA5677 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Carrol Boyes Dinner Plate Set!Carrol Boyes Dinner Plate SetR 819.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: RA5664 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Carrol Boyes Pewter Mezuzah !Carrol Boyes Pewter Mezuzah R 549.95
Next delivery: Today
This Carrol Boyes mezuzah is the perfect traditional blessing of the house and those that reside in it. Made from pewter... Code: RA3944 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Carrol Boyes Salad Bowl!Carrol Boyes Salad BowlR 2195.95
Next delivery: Today
This stylish and unique Carrol Boyes salad bowl will add character to any dinner table, and it can also be used to display... Code: RA5032 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Celebratory Kosher Hamper!Celebratory Kosher Hampersold out
A round woven basket containing a bottle of Sally Williams Nougat liqueur, 150g nougat pack, 80g nougat slabs and 110g nougat... Code: RA1939
rosh-hashanah: Delightful Rosh Hashanah Gift Box!Delightful Rosh Hashanah Gift Boxsold out
Code: RA4625
rosh-hashanah: Ferrero Rocher Candy Jar!Ferrero Rocher Candy JarFrom R 429.95
Next delivery: Today
Nothing says love like a Candy Jar filled with delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Send this country wide and make someone... Code: RA3300 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Glenfiddich 12 Year with Truffles!Glenfiddich 12 Year with Trufflessold out
Spoil the whisky lover in your life with a bottle of Glenffidich 12 year old single malt, presented in a satin lined box... Code: RA2595
rosh-hashanah: Glenmorangie 18 Year old & Crystal Decanter!Glenmorangie 18 Year old & Crystal Decantersold out
Treat someone with this hamper that includes a bottle of Glenmorangie whiskey and a Crystal decanter. Decanter shapes may... Code: RA2597
rosh-hashanah: Gourmet Hamper with Kosher Grape Juice!Gourmet Hamper with Kosher Grape Juicesold out
A gift box of Rashi Grape Juice, a box of Sally Williams nougat, some Lindt balls, a bottle of Kosher honey and some apples... Code: RA2269
rosh-hashanah: Grape Juice and Nougat Kosher Hamper!Grape Juice and Nougat Kosher HamperR 459.95
Next delivery: Today
A woven basket containing tasty treats like Rashi Grape Juice 946ml, 150g Sally Williams nougat pack and 110g Sally Williams... Code: RA1943 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Hat Box of Nestle Chocolates!Hat Box of Nestle ChocolatesR 239.95
Next delivery: Today
Sweeten the celebrations with a glorious hat box filled to the brim with all your favourite Nestle chocolates. The perfect... Code: RA2943 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Johnnie Walker Black and Lindt Hamper!Johnnie Walker Black and Lindt HamperR 599.95
Next delivery: Today
Johnnie Walker Black and Lindt Hamper Code: RA1841 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Ice Bucket and Crys!Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Ice Bucket and CrysR 3859.95
Next delivery: Today
Any true whisky connoisseur would be blue if you didn’t send them this prestige hamper of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with... Code: RA2602 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Kosher Frangelico & Snack Hamper!Kosher Frangelico & Snack HamperR 529.95
Next delivery: Today
A bottle of Kosher Frangelico Liqueur, a bottle of kosher Honey, some mixed nuts and apples to celebrate the occasion Rosh... Code: RA2270 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Kosher Fruit & Nougat Platter!Kosher Fruit & Nougat Plattersold out
Wish a friend or loved one a joyful and sweet Rosh Hashanah and send them this gorgeous kosher gift. Made up of an assortment... Code: RA4658
rosh-hashanah: Kosher Wines with Apples and Lindt Balls!Kosher Wines with Apples and Lindt Ballssold out
Celebrate Rosh Hashanah with this great gift hamper, include is 2 bottles of wine, 4 apples and 10 assorted Lindt balls. Code: RA2273
rosh-hashanah: Kosher Wines with Dried Fruit and Nut Hamper!Kosher Wines with Dried Fruit and Nut Hampersold out
An all-round perfect snack gift, included in this gift hamper is 2 bottle of Kosher wine, 2 packets of nuts and 2 packets... Code: RA2272
rosh-hashanah: Large Hatbox Filled with Nestle Chocolates!Large Hatbox Filled with Nestle ChocolatesR 269.95
Next delivery: Today
Send this special present of the finest milk chocolate treats from your favourite sweet company; Nestle. The perfect present... Code: RA2944 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Le Creuset Cheese Platter with Wooden Board!Le Creuset Cheese Platter with Wooden BoardFrom R 1799.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: RA5038 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Le Creuset Footed Cake Stand!Le Creuset Footed Cake StandFrom R 649.95
Next delivery: Today
Know someone who loves to bake? Let them show off their delicious cake and cupcake creations with this spacious Le Creuset... Code: RA4959 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Le Creuset Honey Pot with Honey!Le Creuset Honey Pot with HoneyR 589.95
Next delivery: Today
The perfect gift, a Le Creuset honey pot and dipper with a bottle of Kosher honey. Code: RA2268 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Le Creuset Honey Pot with Honey and Apples!Le Creuset Honey Pot with Honey and ApplesR 599.95
Next delivery: Today
A must have for any kitchen, included in this gift hamper is a Le Creuset honey pot with dipper, a bottle of Kosher honey... Code: RA2277 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Le Creuset Honey Pot with Kosher Wine and Honey!Le Creuset Honey Pot with Kosher Wine and Honeysold out
An ideal gift to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, this gift includes a bottle of kosher wine, a Le Creuset Honey pot with dipper... Code: RA2276
rosh-hashanah: Lindt Almond Joy Truffle Jar!Lindt Almond Joy Truffle Jarsold out
Code: RA3758
rosh-hashanah: Lindt Chocolate Assorted Hamper!Lindt Chocolate Assorted HamperFrom R 439.95
Next delivery: Today
Looking for the ideal chocolate for that someone special. This hamper includes boxes of Lindt chocolate balls, milk chocolate... Code: RA1919 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Lindt Chocolate Ball Candy Jar!Lindt Chocolate Ball Candy JarFrom R 329.95
Next delivery: Today
Disappear into a wonderful wonderland and a Candy Jar filled with delectable Lindt chocolate balls..Image Contains 40 Lindt... Code: RA3302 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Lindt Hazelnuts For You Candy Jar!Lindt Hazelnuts For You Candy Jarsold out
Code: RA3755
rosh-hashanah: Maxwell and Williams Celebratory Platter!Maxwell and Williams Celebratory Plattersold out
A Maxwell and Williams 3 divider dish with Lindt chocolate, Sally Williams nougat, apples and some honey. Code: RA2274
Nougat Happy HourNougat Happy HourFrom R 319.95
Next delivery: Today
A gift hatbox containing a selection of Sally Williams Nougat; 150g gift box, 50g Delicieux Bar,80g Nougat slab.This product... Code: RA661 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Personalised Chopping Board!Personalised Chopping BoardFrom R 239.95
Next delivery: Wed, 22 Feb
Code: PER194 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Personalised Glenfiddich 12yr!Personalised Glenfiddich 12yrFrom R 779.95
Next delivery: Wed, 22 Feb
Code: PER406 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Personalised Glenfiddich 15yr!Personalised Glenfiddich 15yrFrom R 1369.95
Next delivery: Wed, 22 Feb
Treat someone special to a rare Scotch Whisky they can display with pride. A bottle of Glenfiddich 15 year Single Malt Scotch... Code: PER407 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Personalised Johnnie Walker Black!Personalised Johnnie Walker BlackFrom R 549.95
Next delivery: Wed, 22 Feb
Code: PER237 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Rosh Hashanah Snack and Wine Gift!Rosh Hashanah Snack and Wine GiftR 389.95
Next delivery: Today
A gift worth giving, included in this gift hamper is a bottle of Kosher wine, a bottle of Kosher honey, some Sally Williams... Code: RA2278 Shop Now
Triple TreatSally Williams Triple TreatFrom R 239.95
Next delivery: Today
Includes 2x 50g Sally Williams honey nougat bars coated with chocolate & 2x 80g slabs of Sally Williams chocolate with crispy... Code: RA976 Shop Now
Singular SallySingular SallyFrom R 399.95
Next delivery: Today
An array of Sally Williams nougat for the sweet tooth friend or family member..This product is certified Kosher. Code: RA178 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Sweet Delights Gift Bag!Sweet Delights Gift Bagsold out
Code: RA4626
rosh-hashanah: Sweet Gift Hamper!Sweet Gift Hampersold out
Code: RA4627
rosh-hashanah: Trudeau Board with Kosher Treats!Trudeau Board with Kosher TreatsR 519.95
Next delivery: Today
A kitchen must have, a Trudeau board with honey, apples, mixed nuts and Sally Williams nougat. Fruit and Nuts Supplied By... Code: RA2275 Shop Now
rosh-hashanah: Yellow Le Creuset Planter!Yellow Le Creuset PlanterR 499.95
Next delivery: Today
Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with this yellow Le Creuset Planter! The perfect way for you to grow your own herbs... Code: RA3411 Shop Now
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