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for Kids - for Boys: Barney Edible Arrangement!Barney Edible Arrangementsold out
Let them know that some-barney loves them with this edible arrangement of Ferrero and milk chocolates with a Barney balloon... Code: NETER037 ID:200708117
for Kids - for Boys: Batman The Dark Knight Rises!Batman The Dark Knight Risessold out
A fun engrossing movie, Batman The Dark Knight Rises, along with a big round popcorn bucket, assorted packs of microwavable... Code: RA1764 ID:200694552
for Kids - for Boys: Blue Star Edible Arrangement!Blue Star Edible ArrangementR 229.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: NETER182 ID:200713606 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Cadbury Candy Jar!Cadbury Candy Jarsold out
Code: RA4174 ID:200724875
for Kids - for Boys: Castle Land Play Mat!Castle Land Play MatR 729.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: RA4188 ID:200725508 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Choc Teddy Birthday Edible Arrangement!Choc Teddy Birthday Edible ArrangementR 479.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: NETER038 ID:200708120 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Chocolate Mallow Candy Jar!Chocolate Mallow Candy Jarsold out
Code: RA4332 ID:200727862
for Kids - for Boys: Coconut Dream Lindt Box!Coconut Dream Lindt Boxsold out
Code: NETER226 ID:200721623
for Kids - for Boys: Elly Puzzle Hamper !Elly Puzzle Hamper R 299.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: RA3932 ID:200725100 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Happy Birthday Bear Hamper !Happy Birthday Bear Hamper sold out
Code: RBL3841 ID:200724880
for Kids - for Boys: Hey Mickey Balloon!Hey Mickey BalloonR 119.95
Next delivery: Today
This larger than life Mickey Mouse Balloon will be just the thing to add to any birthday festivities. Measuring 78cm by 55cm... Code: NETBL053 ID:200709998 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: It's a Boy Balloon!It's a Boy BalloonR 99.95
Next delivery: Today
Celebrate the birth of a new tiny tot with this larger than life balloon. A foil balloon, with stars, teddies and duckies... Code: NETBL050 ID:200709958 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: It's a Boy Edible Arrangement!It's a Boy Edible ArrangementFrom R 359.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: NETER004 ID:200699795 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Jumbo Mickey Mouse Balloon!Jumbo Mickey Mouse BalloonR 119.95
Next delivery: Today
Few things are as cheerful and bright as Mickey Mouse! Celebrate the occasion with this 71 cm x 58 cm quintessential Disney... Code: NETBL054 ID:200709321 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Kojo The Croc!Kojo The Crocsold out
This cuddly croc's toothy grin is sure to warm the heart of the lucky recipient. Baby Kojo is an adorable crocodile, also... Code: RA2399 ID:200701801
for Kids - for Boys: Marvel X-Men Storm 100ml EDT!Marvel X-Men Storm 100ml EDTR 399.95
Next delivery: Wed, 31 Aug
Launched by the design house of Marvel.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can... Code: NP0352 ID:200725606 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Mickey Mouse Edible Arrangement!Mickey Mouse Edible Arrangementsold out
Make a surprise or occasion memorable with this goodies box of Ferror Rocher chocolates and Belgain chocolate stars topped... Code: NETER035 ID:200707118
for Kids - for Boys: Monkey and Puzzle Hamper!Monkey and Puzzle HamperR 299.95
Next delivery: Today
Code: RA3929 ID:200725111 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Monkey-ing Around Gift Set!Monkey-ing Around Gift Setsold out
This gift set includes a fun Monkey plush toy and a Monkey blanket - the perfect gift for the little one. Stop the monkey... Code: RA3638 ID:200716643
for Kids - for Boys: Pooh Bear Chocolate Arrangement!Pooh Bear Chocolate Arrangementsold out
A sweet treat for your loved one! This delightful edible arrangement comes with a soft Winnie the Pooh Toy and delectable... Code: NETER114 ID:200712409
for Kids - for Boys: Rainbow Lindt Edible Arrangement!Rainbow Lindt Edible Arrangementsold out
Code: NETER231 ID:200721627
for Kids - for Boys: Scrabble Surprise!Scrabble SurpriseR 339.95
Next delivery: Today
If you and your friends regularly do game night with wine and good food, then why not add to your game collection with Scrabble?... Code: RA2136 ID:200711260 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Simpson USB Flash Drive - Lisa!Simpson USB Flash Drive - LisaR 249.95
Next delivery: Today
Lisa Simpson's interests include music, science, justice, animals, shapes and feelings. If you know someone who is like-minded... Code: RA3722 ID:200718736 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Smiley Face Balloon Bouquet!Smiley Face Balloon BouquetR 199.95
Next delivery: Today
Truly become the sender of smiles with this smiley face balloon bouquet! Send it to a friend or loved one who may need a... Code: NETBL120 ID:200712512 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Spiderman Beach Bucket with Chocolates!Spiderman Beach Bucket with Chocolatessold out
A Spiderman themed beach bucket for the young lad filled with a variety of Cadbury chocolates. Code: RA2120 ID:200699601
for Kids - for Boys: Spiderman Boat and Lilo!Spiderman Boat and Lilosold out
The perfect gift for any little man, a Spiderman themed lilo and boat, this will be sure to have him occupied for hours. Code: RA2124 ID:200699597
for Kids - for Boys: Spiderman USB Flash Drive!Spiderman USB Flash DriveR 399.95
Next delivery: Today
If your spidey senses are tingling it is probably because you have found the ultimate gift for your favourite guy! This Spiderman... Code: RA3723 ID:200718737 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Spot the Dog Zoobie Blanket!Spot the Dog Zoobie Blanketsold out
Send this cute puppy spot to a lucky recipient, with a brown spot on each side of his body and a brown tip on his tail, Spot... Code: RA2398 ID:200701802
for Kids - for Boys: The Amazing Spider Man!The Amazing Spider Mansold out
A must have - the movie, The Amazing Spider Man, this hamper includes a retro large popcorn bucket assorted packs of microwavable... Code: RA1762 ID:200694554
for Kids - for Boys: Tigger Chocolate Tray!Tigger Chocolate Traysold out
Code: NETER116 ID:200725440
for Kids - for Boys: Under the Sea Morph Mug!Under the Sea Morph Mugsold out
Code: RA4135 ID:200724750
for Kids - for Boys: Warmer Bros Green Lantern 100ml EDT !Warmer Bros Green Lantern 100ml EDT R 399.95
Next delivery: Wed, 31 Aug
Green Lantern Smelling good is no laughing matter. That is why men of all ages will love wearing Green Lantern By Marmol... Code: NP0350 ID:200725704 Shop Now
for Kids - for Boys: Wot A Lot You Got Candy Jar!Wot A Lot You Got Candy Jarsold out
Code: RA4148 ID:200725426
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I think we all remember going down to the local cafè and buying Lucky Packets - the packets stipulated on the outside that the toys inside were specifically for boys or for girls, or those big cardboard boxes that resembled shoe boxes with handles on that were called Lucky Dips - and even though the toys inside were really quite cheap and broke after one twist or turn they were still FABULOUS for the little person who was lucky enough to receive one of those with all their Christmas presents piled high under the Christmas tree!!

Well, at NetGifts it is like opening up a lucky packet each time a gift is delivered and feels like Christmas every time a gift hamper or toy is delivered to one of their special kid clients... From the huge selection of wonderful kids toys, this could make any little boy or girl sit up in their hospital bed and feel a whole lot better if they receive a kids gift specially delivered to them - how grown up!!

What better way to delight your kids when you are on that really important business trip really far away from home, and it is his birthday!! Gift giving and buying could not be easier - just order a wonderful present for your boy through NetGifts.

The professional courier team delivers hampers and gifts as soon as the next day to South Africa - this express courier service ensures that all is delivered right on time for that really special and wonderful occasion to that special little person in your life.

An efficient service ensures that special moments and occasions never have to be a problem again, when you can surprise your loved ones.

The choices and selections of toys for boys are huge - anything from the 'Commander Nova's Pop up Alien Space Station' to 'Make A Monster', why not include a whole array of chocolates and biscuits as well - wow this is really cool and grown up.

When Mom has just given birth to a brand new baby, making the team four, instead of three, jealousy is bound to creep in - and to knock the green-eyed monster dead for once and for all time, send a gift for your boy with the flowers that Mom has received for the new baby.

Not only is Mom and new baby getting a great present - so is the older big boy or girl. This is GREAT... Imagine that. And the choices can include something to take away the focus on the new baby - a little bit of bribery and a lot of distraction - something like 'Fold out fly Airplanes' or even a 'Striker soccer Set'

Nothing like a little bit of bribery and really clever planning to make things run smoothly at home, thanks to NetGifts.

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