Flowers - Basket

Flowers - Basket : 100 Cerise Roses in a Basket!100 Cerise Roses in a BasketR 2600.00
Next delivery; Fri, 22 Aug
We all know that roses are the best way to show someone how much you love them and if a dozen roses are good, then a 100... Code: NETSP1232 Shop Now
Flowers - Basket : 100 Mixed Roses In a Basket!100 Mixed Roses In a BasketR 2600.00
Next delivery; Fri, 22 Aug
A basket of 100 mixed roses will brighten anyone's day. This is a great "I'm sorry", "thank you", "I love you", "I miss you"... Code: NETSP1229 Shop Now
Flowers - Basket : 100 Red Roses in a Basket!100 Red Roses in a BasketR 2600.00
Next delivery; Fri, 22 Aug
Instead of telling someone you love them, why not show them how much you love them by sending 100 red roses their way? Roses... Code: NETSP1231 Shop Now
Flowers - Basket : 100 Vibrant Orange Roses in a Basket!100 Vibrant Orange Roses in a BasketR 2600.00
Next delivery; Fri, 22 Aug
Orange you glad you have someone extra lovely in your life? The perfect gift for that extra special someone is an extra large... Code: NETSP1137 Shop Now
A woven flower basket with lilies, roses, gerbera's and spraysBasket of Bright Country FlowersFrom R 598.00
Next delivery; Today
Woven basket filled with cheerful mix of bright country flowers such as daisies, lilies, roses and other in-season flowers... Code: NETA23 Shop Now
Basket of Yellow Lilies Roses and Chrysanthssold out
It's so easy to brighten a special someones day no matter what the occasion is with this summery country basket of yellow... Code: NETSP040
Flowers - Basket : Cerise Rose Basket!Cerise Rose BasketFrom R 481.00
Next delivery; Today
A woven basket of cerise roses filled with love and laughter to someone that deserves a smile on their face Code: NETSP627 Shop Now
Cream roses with filler in a basketCream Roses in a Woven BasketFrom R 598.00
Next delivery; Today
Express your warmest wishes, whether it be a thank you, sympathy or get well soon greeting with this charming arrangement... Code: NETA20 Shop Now
Cycad Revolutasold out
A popular Cycad plant also known as 'Sago Palm', this Cycad tree comes with a touch of South African style around the lip... Code: NETPL021
Ficus Bonsai Treesold out
A Bonsai tree is considered an exotic, yet graceful plant and gift that makes for an outstanding sight and a natural decoration... Code: NETPL009
Fruit and flower basketFresh Fruit and Flower BasketFrom R 455.00
Next delivery; Today
A basket filled with fresh fruit and seasonal flowers. Ideal for relatives, as a thank you gift, for employees, for convalescence... Code: NETD35 Shop Now
Fruit basket filled with seasonal fruitFruit Gift BasketFrom R 338.00
Next delivery; Today
An apple a day keeps the doctor away' as the old saying goes and this get well soon gift is exactly what the doctor ordered... Code: NETF01 Shop Now
Handbag of FlowersR 429.00
Next delivery; Today
A posy-like arrangement of assorted designer flowers, arranged in formation in a metal handbag by our florists. Just the... Code: NETSP016 Shop Now
Three green pot plants in a basketMix of Plants in Gift Basket R 338.00
Next delivery; Today
An ideal gift that brings a touch of nature into any home or office, this woven basket contains a mix of various seasonal... Code: NETA13 Shop Now
Flowers - Basket : Mix Pink Flower Basket!Mix Pink Flower BasketFrom R 416.00
Next delivery; Today
A mix of pink flowers arranged in a woven basket. This classic gift idea is ideal for an anniversary, a get well soon or... Code: NETSP821 Shop Now
Carnations in a basketMixed Carnations in a BasketFrom R 702.00
Next delivery; Today
A full, colourful arrangement, this country basket is filled with a rainbow of carnations in different shades. This makes... Code: NETC4 Shop Now
Flowers - Basket : Mixed Lilies in a Basket!Mixed Lilies in a BasketFrom R 780.00
Next delivery; Today
Send some sunshine in a basket. With this beautiful arrangement of lilies you will turn even the most dour frown upside down... Code: NETSP956 Shop Now
Flowers - Basket : Mixed Proteas in a Large Basket!Mixed Proteas in a Large BasketR 2210.00
Next delivery; Today
A quintesentially South African arrangement, this basket full of mixed proteas will make the best flower gift for the lovely... Code: NETSP1230 Shop Now
Mixed Rose HandbagR 676.00
Next delivery; Today
Mixed roses in a metal handbag. (19x13x7cm) Code: NETSP092 Shop Now
Basket of mixed rosesMixed Roses in Country BasketFrom R 559.00
Next delivery; Today
A rustic basket filled with a mix of red, yellow, pink, peach and white roses among greenery. This classic gift with a touch... Code: NETC3 Shop Now
Arrangement of pink flowers in a woven basketPink Flower Basketsold out
A mix of pink lilies, gerberas, roses, carnations and sprays delicately arranged in a woven basket. This classic gift idea... Code: NETBK006
Pink WhimsyR 442.00
Next delivery; Today
12 pink roses in a metal handbag. (19x13x7cm) Code: NETSP087 Shop Now
Red Rose BasketFrom R 598.00
Next delivery; Today
A woven country basket of red roses with greenery so you can express your feelings perfectly. Code: NETRS023 Shop Now
Red Roses in a HandbagR 611.00
Next delivery; Today
A gift that symbolises love and a truly romantic gesture, this rustic handbag. A truly original, girly gift for the apple... Code: NETRS024 Shop Now
Red Seasonal Flowers in a basketFrom R 546.00
Next delivery; Today
To make this classic gift, our florists have filled a rustic woven basket with deep red seasonal flowers. Code: NETSP041 Shop Now
Seasonal Flowers in a Country BasketFrom R 780.00
Next delivery; Today
A display of fresh seasonal flowers hand picked and styled by our skilled florists in a rustic woven country basket. A great... Code: NETSP038 Shop Now
Single pot plant in a gift basketSingle Plant in Potsold out
A leafy green plant in a basket, this gift makes a great house warming or office welcoming gift. Code: NETA16
Snack PackSnack PackR 520.00
Next delivery; Today
A gift basket with goodies, this hamper contains biltong, mixed nuts, dried fruit, chocolates and a bottle of wine. (750ml... Code: NETB06BD-1 Shop Now
SunwashedR 442.00
Next delivery; Today
12 yellow roses & 2 gerberas in a metal handbag. (19x13x7cm) Code: NETSP086 Shop Now
TemptationR 520.00
Next delivery; Today
A basket containing a selection of nuts, dried fruit, chocolates & a flowering pot plant. Code: NETSP077 Shop Now
Flowers - Basket : Woven Basket of Sunflowers!Woven Basket of Sunflowerssold out
A farm style woven basket with bright and cheerful sunflowers, this basket can be sent to a hospital as a get well soon gift... Code: NETSP588
Flowers - Basket : Woven Basket of Yellow Roses!Woven Basket of Yellow RosesFrom R 546.00
Next delivery; Today
A woven basket with bright and stunning yellow roses, million star and greenery, this basket can be sent to a hospital as... Code: NETSP652 Shop Now